Holiday pic

Holiday pic

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Hypocrisy and Mommyhood

Hypocrisy is the state of pretending to have virtues, moral or religious beliefs, principles, etc., that one does not actually have.[1] Hypocrisy involves the deception of others and is thus a kind of lie

Yup...that's me.  Most definitely towards my kids too.  I was standing at the coffee counter making my coffee at a deli last week.  DJ and I had a few minutes and I wanted something hot and caffeinated so we stopped.  I told him he could get a drink b/c I had the extra few bucks that night.  He brought me one of those juice type drinks that is essentially SUGAR.  As I stood there pouring the sugar into my coffee, I told him NO b/c it was all sugar.  And then it hit me, what a hypocrite I am when it comes to my children... I probably poured more sugar into my coffee than what was in that drink but I wouldn't let him have it.  

And so, I started thinking about other things I won't let them do/have but I turn around the do it or have are some:

1. No cake for breakfast  (yes, I've been know to stand at the counter and dig into the cake with a fork just to get something in my stomach...)

2. Eat your vegetables or no dessert... ha ha ha... I am really not a lover of veggies and so I don't really eat them.  But, in my defense, I do eat them just so I can say to them that they, too, should also eat them.  Though, sometimes I don't.

3. Drink your I sit at the dinner table with a soda  (I don't have one every night but it is kind of hypocritical to make them drink the milk when you, yourself, are drinking sugary soda)

4. Don't do drugs or drink alcohol... and my kids will point this out to me that I do drugs (tobacco is now a form of drugs in their little minds) and I drink alcohol on a daily basis (yes, a glass of wine)... but hey, at least they know NOT to do it as they lecture me daily about it...

5. Pick up your shoes, clothes, jackets, etc and put them in their place.  Yet, I can look around and see my stuff not put away... How can I enforce this rule unless I show them the example??  Geez, I'm a mess and yet I expect them to NOT be like me...  ok, this one I gotta change b/c all the clutter makes me crazy.  I can handle my own clutter just not that of 5 other people (hubby is worse when ti comes to this crap)...

6. Turn the TV off and do something constructive... yeah, this is a good one, right??  All while I am lounging on the couch with no desire or energy to get up off my ass and do anything.  Ok, I don't sit here all freakin' day but I usually am sitting down with not a care in the world when I tell them to get off their asses and do something... lol

7. Put on some clean clothes...meanwhile I am still wearing the same sweats from after my last shower which was however many days ago (can never remember when that last shower was)

Yeah, I AM A HYPOCRITE...but, I'm also a Mom and sometimes you really have to tell them 'Do as I say and not as I do', right??  Or do I need to change myself in order to make an example for them to follow??  Do I really need to start eating all those Good for Me foods??  And making sure I've got all those fruits/veggies in me before I eat the 'treat'?  I try really hard to pick up this house so that they can see we need to clean up and be organized and stuff...but some days are a little harder than others, you know??  Is it right to bark out orders and rules without following them myself??  Who knows... Perhaps I'm harder on them for this stuff b/c I don't like it about me and I don't want them to be like that??  Kinda like I am towards my hubby...I'm always telling him what NOT to do towards the kids and some days I realize I've been doing the same thing.  Only, when I see hubby doing it, it just pisses me off and I get angry at him for some of the same things I do.  Does anyone else out there ever feel this way??

Ah well, those are my ramblings for the day.  I leave you with my favorite thought:  Don't judge others unless you've walked a mile in their shoes:)

Good hubby moment:  Was leaving to take Kyra to Polish dancing tonight when Franny girl exploded every direction out of her diaper... after realizing that we couldn't just clean her up with wipes (ummmm, there was poop on her shoulders/hair from the onesie going over her head), hubby scooped her up and declared tubby time.  Both boys followed behind and he was totally ok with me leaving and him having to deal with it... Go hubby!!

Random picture of my beautiful baby:

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  1. It's ok to feel that way because most of us won't admit to it, but we are like the same way... You should do it because I said so and I can do it becaue I want too.... And to those who do not admit it then take a closer look..