Holiday pic

Holiday pic

Thursday, November 24, 2011

A Day of Thanks and some Pepsi Malfunction..

Today was a good day in our house!!  It was Thanksgiving and there was a lot of thanks to be had:)

Woke up this morning and the house still looked like a bomb had exploded.  Started on the stuffing and turkey so I could get it in the oven.  Hubby came downstairs and offered to be my 'bitch for the day'  And yes, he was.  I kept telling him what to do and he kept on doing it!!  I think I had only 1 moment of my own bitchiness but that was it.  I was CALM and we just kept on going until everything was done!!  House got got prepped...china was brought up (ha ha...story about this)...MIL and her sister arrived... apps were eaten... naps were had (Franny and dinner was eaten and so was dessert.. Pepsi was sent crashing to the floor and exploded all over.. Scrabbled was played and everyone went to bed!!

China story- made hubby go down into our crawl space to dig out our China...the stuff we got for getting married but has never been out of the boxes.  Thought we would use it today.  Turns out there is a major crack in the wall and water has been leaking in for awhile.  The boxes of each place setting was literally destroyed and disgustingly moldy.  And, we actually only received 5 full place settings.  What to do, what to do??  Clean it up and toss the boxes of course.  We used the big plates for the adults and the salad plates for the kiddies.  I even gave the kiddies their own 'wine' glasses (cheap wine glasses that I have stolen from our Myrtle Beach hotel...didn't care if they accidentally broke glasses).  They were thrilled to use them with their sparkling grape juice.  The adults used my good crystal glasses from Ireland:)

Pepsi all over the floor
Pepsi Explosion- in keeping with our pattern this week, Franny decided (at the end of our meal) to literally end it with a HUGE bang.  Yup...she managed to pull off a 2 liter bottle of Pepsi and it somehow ended on the lid and EXPLODED all over my floor.  I'm thinking that she's really a smart little booger and is trying to tell me I need to CLEAN my house.  And so, my floor was mopped today.  It was actually funny and I had a good laugh about it... but also bummed b/c she pulled over MY Wild Cherry Pepsi!!  Boo Franny Girl..

This is what was left..

MIL and her sis had a good time.  I was glad they were able to come up and especially hubby's Aunt.  She lives in Kentucky and he never sees her.  I met her once about 5 years ago.  She was up in the area to help out the MIL b/c she just got out of her rehabilitation place and basically needs the help.  MIL is having a hard time realizing she's getting older and unable to do things for herself.  You know, the basic things we all take for granted like being able to get up and off the toilet and couch??  I wonder how long she will last on her own once her sister leaves her to go home next week.  Hubby needs to take some days to go down and help his Mom go through her house and clean it up and stuff, you know??

We ended the night playing Scrabble with the big kids.  That was interesting.  Playing with hubby can be quite frustrating... he takes so darn long to form his words as he's always trying to find the word with the most points.  Him and I 'helped' out the kiddies so they would get words longer than 3 it was nice to sit down as a family and play a game.  Even with Franny girl trying to eat, play, sit on my lap and stuff.

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!!
These turkeys were made using their feet as the bodies and hands as the feathers!

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