Holiday pic

Holiday pic

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Frazzled Mommy Moment...

Been a long week... started watching Baby C every day instead of just the 3 days so I have been unable to catch up on any of my 'housework' that I try to do when he wasn't here.  Should be interesting what I can attempt to get done this weekend considering everything else that we have scheduled!!

Tonight, both kids had to be somewhere so hubby and I had to split up.  Because DJ had to be somewhere at 5, that was my job.  And, as we generally do, we took the truck...the family car...the one with all the carseats in it.  Ha Ha Ha... completely forgot that Kyra had to be somewhere at 6 and hubby would need the truck b/c he also had the babies.  Thank goodness for neighbors with babysitting age kids who were home tonight!!  Only needed someone for like 30 minutes so hubby could take Kyra to her class, but still...DUH!!  I was able to come home in between DJ's classes (he has an hour break where we usually have pizza and gelato together...) and switch out cars/kids and stuff.  But, WOW, talk about complete blackout... Everything turned out great and everyone got where they needed to be.  Whew

Weekend consists of me working in the morning, DJ soccer game in the morning, DJ rehearsal in the afternoon, me rehearsal in the evening, Doug going to Guys Poker Night, CCD, Kyra rehearsal, and perhaps a trip to BJ's and Shop Rite... Now, laundry laundry and laundry...when are you gonna get done. Very sporadically I foresee...

Things I'm glad I didn't do in my frazzled mommy moment:
-Lock my kids in the car with the keys inside and Max not buckled
-Forget to pick up a kid
-Forget a kid at home
-Forget a diaper/wipes and have a kid crap out of their pants

I'm glad the Nutcracker will be over in December...and soccer ends next weekend.  I think these 2 things will take out some stress in our lives.  But, we made the commitment for both so we're sticking with it.  We all know there is an end in sight!!

So, after a full week of Baby C and Baby J here today as well- I was still able to bake cake, make frosting, mix up some cake pop mix, make the pops, bag 'em and get everything ready for tomorrow.  My kitchen looks like a bomb went off in it but I got everything done!!  My kitchen will probably look like a war zone until Sunday night and my laundry will still be sitting in 'clean' piles around the living room unfolded for awhile (hey, at least it's clean, right??).

Hope you all are having a Great day!!

Good Hubby Thing:  tonight he made me my poster for the party I'm doing in the morning... glad he can draw b/c I really do suck at that!!!


  1. I get exhausted just reading your blog... Like you said, some things will be ending.. Do not sign up for anything when those 2 things end.. You gotta take care of yourself..

  2. sorry to break it to ya sista, but soccer does not for another 2 weekends after this 8) (the 19th) Slow down moving too fast!