Holiday pic

Holiday pic

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Christmas Dress... and Pic

Yes, I said Christmas and not Holiday...ok??  We celebrate Christmas and every year it is tradition that my mother gets Kyra and now Franny their dresses/outfits for the holidays.  And so, the hunt is on.  I saw some on Old Navy but I think they are gone b/c most of them weren't even on-line today.  Saw some on Children's Place but wasn't a big fan this year.  Tried to look up some stuff on-line but was unsuccessful.  And, of course, I want the girls to match.  Funny how we don't really care what the boys wear??  Thinking of going out at some point to try and find something matching...even if it's not your typical Christmas dress, you know??

While I am thinking about their dresses, I also have to think about the Photo for the cards.  If you don't know me, I will tell you that my cards usually go out on Christmas Eve and I make sure they say Happy Holidays and New Year (b/c I know they won't go out way before xmas and sometimes not until Happy New Year here's a pic of my kids on my card!!)  I've done so many different things with them over the years...had some fun looking at the pics so I thought I'd take you down memory lane with me:)  Enjoy!! (I don't have the pic we used when it was just DJ but we'll start with the following year)
2004 (DJ almost 2 and Kyra was 6 mos)

2005 (DJ almost 3 and Kyra 18 mos)
2006 (DJ almost 4 and Kyra 2.5)
2007 (DJ almost 5 and Kyra 3.5)

 2008 (Max 6 mos, DJ almost 6, Kyra 4.5)

2009 (Max 1.5, DJ almost 7, Kyra 5.5)

And Finally, 2010 (Franny Girl 2 mos, Max 2.5, Kyra 6.5 and DJ almost 8)

Yes, this is the same sweater as last year... and, he could wear it again this

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  1. wow they have grown up so much even since last years's card! Good luck with the hunt for dresses!