Holiday pic

Holiday pic

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Long Weekend...'s Sunday night.  Oh, wait, it all starts again tomorrow???  Feels like there are no breaks here and it is neverending.

I love doing the Nutcracker and I love that my kids are enjoying their roles in the production... but boy will I be glad when it's over.  Hopefully, with no rehearsals we will get some stuff done around this house.  This dirty, messy house that I am in charge of.  I am beyond embarassed about my house these days.  I don't want anyone coming in it right now.  The floors need a good cleaning and the playroom needs a good 'cleansing'.  I could also use about a day to go through all the bags of clothes I have sitting in the girls room right now.  Mostly clothes that no longer fit Franny girl.  But, I have no one to pass it on to...perhaps I should organize it in lots and sell it on ebay or something.  I have A LOT of clothes which we have been fortunate to receive...would totally love to pass on.  I love the circle of clothes amongst my circle of Moms but right now it looks as though the girl clothes stops with Franny.

Weekends have stopped being a 'catch up' time right now.  We had soccer yesterday morning, I worked in the afternoon while DJ had rehearsal and then I had rehearsal myself.  Afterwards, I worked on making some 'baby' cookies and pink cake pops for a baby shower this evening.  Today we had religion, rehearsal for Kyra, work for me, Doug and kids went to see his mother and I had an evening with the ladies celebrating a new life about to join us.  Good times.

And so, I have come to the conclusion that perhaps not cleaning is a good thing.  Yes, we are all a little sick but not nearly as sick as what's out there right now.  I think it's b/c we are all used to GERMS circulating around the house...LOL... oh, and hubby had the audacity to try and tell me how and when to get laundry done around here...b/c you know, he had the 3 older ones with Max not in preschool and not watching any other babies and so I should do it just like he did while I was away i Ireland.  Oh, Ireland how do I miss thee let me count the ways...

OK- goal this week...finish laundry and sort out the clothes in Kyra's room (and the spillage into my hallway).  Let's see if I can get that done!!

Have a great night:)

Good Hubby of the day: he took the kids to see his mother (she is out of the rehabilitation center and back at home)