Holiday pic

Holiday pic

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Cinnamon Anyone??

On first glance, you might think this is just merely peanut butter on her face from lunch that I haven't wiped off b/c I'm preoccupied trying to bake pies and cheesecakes for the Thanksgiving Season.  But than, your three year old walks into the room and his clothes are covered in some kind of brownish substance and you have to wonder what it is... his hands are tinted brown.  Oh, and than you take a better look at Franny and realize her clothes are covered in this same substance as well as her hands.  Hmmmmm...what in the world could it possible be, I think to myself as Baby C is crying next to me and Franny is cackling at me and Max claims to have NO IDEA what it could possible be.  OH CRAP...THE CINNAMON... come to find out, it's not just on them but practically all over the play room!!  Yup... ALL OVER!!  Even Barbie got some...perhaps she needed to bake something.  And the trucks had some interesting soil to drive in... oh geez...not exactly how I wanted to be vacuuming that room!!

I think the pictures will speak for themsleves:

And so, when you come into my house and walk past the playroom...don't think how clean the room is and how wonderful it smells and ask what the 'scent' is in there because there is no deodorizing element.  It's just plain old Cinnamon... and I know I will continue to find it for the next year or so!!

PS- while I was vacuuming, Max was taking all the nicely folded clothes (future Franny clothes that I had just painstakingly gone through and organized and folded and sized, etc) and throwing them over the gate on the stairs at Franny.  NOT A GOOD DAY!!

Hope you all got a good laugh... I will laugh tomorrow.


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