Holiday pic

Holiday pic

Monday, November 21, 2011

The things we say too often...

Going through the days and listening to myself, hubby and some other parents out there (yes, I've heard others say this stuff too), I thought it might be fun to write them down...

- Oh, come on

- Seriously??

- What were you thinking??

- What do you think I mean when I say blah blah blah??  I don't mean 'opposite' of blah blah blah!!

- What are you doing??

- Don't look at each other, speak to each other or touch each other!!

- Does everything have to be a competition around here??

- I can't believe you did that

- I'm so disappointed right now

- Do you think I'm your maid??

- Stop whining/crying/moaning/rolling your eyes/etc

- Don't lie to me

- What's behind your me both hands!!

Perhaps I should just start really throwing out and giving away all the crap they leave all over my house.  And perhaps I should just make them stay in their rooms with no contact to the outside world or each other.  I don't know...some days are rougher than others and today was not a good one...

Some things we should say more often (or not)

- I love you

- You are awesome

- Great job... Good sharing... Thank you for picking up after yourselves (ha ha ha)

I often feel like my kids just don't appreciate what they have and what I give to them.  Case in point... I made pancakes for dinner and did some 'shapes' using my cookie cutters.  After about 8 pancakes this way, I went on to make plain old circles b/c it's faster and I wanted to get the batter all made (I make double so that I can freeze the leftovers).  Kyra decides that this is the right time, you know while I'm slaving over the stove not eating with them, to question why there aren't any more shapes b/c she wants another one!!  A bit cheeky if you ask me... And DJ seems to think when we say you can have a treat from your Halloween bag, that he can take 4 (not 1) and hide them behind his back hoping we, the parents, wouldn't see the extras he's taken!!  Oh, and those couch cushions really need to be stapled to the couch at this point...Max just isn't understanding that they need to STAY put!!

OK- lots of baking to be done...gonna be a LONG day... and crazy as it sounds, I'm thinking of trying to pull out my china for Thanksgiving this year.  It's been in storage pretty much since we received it for our wedding...never used.  So, hubby has a task for Wednesday:)


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  1. You're a much better mother than I! I put 3 of the circle pancakes together on their plate and tell them it's "Mickey Mouse" haha! :)