Holiday pic

Holiday pic

Thursday, November 10, 2011


So, the last two entries were a little serious... thought I'd go a little humorous tonight and talk about BOOBS!!

Yes, we (women, and yes, some men) have them.  They come in all shapes and sizes.  I think I may have experienced all of them...well, except for maybe those super huge hang to your knees kind.  But, I have had super huge ones (like a size E...thanks DJ for that experience).  Flat, round, perky, melony, square, droopy, lopsided, wrinkly... you get the picture, right??

Right now, mine are a bit huge and not so perky.  But, I do love them.  Isn't that the point??  To love your boobs and everything else about yourself??  But, as I was dancing the other night with my boobs double strapped in sports bra paraphanalia I thought how much I hated sports bras.  They tend to squoosh'em in and schmoosh'em up against your body.  No shape what-so-ever.  Yuck.  If you've got boobs, you like to show'em off, you know??  And sports bras just don't do that.  But, finding just the right bra for your boobs could take a life time.  I am always on the hunt for a good bra and when I find one, I just buy several of them.  And than WHAM, they change!!  These suckers have been through so many changes I can't tell you how many different bras I have to try and keep them looking nice.  I have 1 right now that I really love.  That's it.  I have some Victoria Secret ones that fit so nice in the dressing room but were so disappointing when I got home...I don't know...they just didn't do it for me.  I've even been measured and tried several styles in the size I am supposed to be.  But I still haven't found that Perfect Fit.  Perhaps Oprah needs to go back into business so I can get properly measured and fitted with My Ultimate Bra!!  Wouldn't that be nice:)

My boobs will never be young again but they will continue to comfort the very young and probably the old.  Nice, soft cushions that they I do enjoy them right now (especially when they are sitting nicely in that 1 great bra I have).  I know they will never be back to that young and perky stage (that stage didn't last very long for me, how about you??) but I must embrace what my children have done for me!!  To look on the bright side, I will never need a padded bra!!  ha ha  Besides, I think our boobs almost define who we are as women and make us who we are.

So, embrace them and show'em off...whether you're an A or an E:)

That's all I have to say about that:)

Good hubby comment of the day:  tonight I watched him sit at the table with Kyra while she was coloring and he was really admiring her and all her cuteness...I was very touched watching their relationship (but, now I know why she has him wrapped around her finger)

Have a good night:)

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