Holiday pic

Holiday pic

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Bomb Scare...Oh my

I don't generally get my thoughts together during the day and usually don't know what I'm going to write about until much later in the day...let alone do I have the time to actually write anything during the day.

But, as things happen in life, my brain needs to get it out and I have 2 sleeping babies with Max playing quietly in his playroom.

This morning started out a normal day... crazy hectic morning getting everyone up, fed, dressed and out the door.  Big kids on to the bus and Max out to Preschool.  Morning was going fine and normal (yes, craziness is normalcy in this house and there was lots of crying earlier today).  I get a phone call from the person who picks Max up at school to say that there had been a Bomb Threat on the school and everyone inside was on Lock Down.  WHAT!!!  How does that happen and why aren't I there to pick him up??  My heart stopped and my body started shaking slightly.  My sweet little boy was inside a building and didn't even know what was going on.  As I registered this information, my thoughts became blurred and all I could think about was my little Max and his bubbly personality and how he comes running out of the classroom to hug me and tell me how much he missed me.

As the minutes passed on with no other word, I found out that the threat came in before the school started.  Max goes to a preschool at the Boces and his part starts before the actual school starts.  The actual threat was made for a different building but on the campus.  The buses that drop off the high school students were not letting students off and everyone already inside was LOCKED inside.  Ummmmm, WHY??  Perhaps they thought the kids inside were safer in that building??  And why the HELL didn't I get a phone call from the school??  That just baffles me.  My sweet little innocent boy is inside a Lock Down and you don't call me??

Thanking the Lord (and He and I have had our issues in the past so I don't often do that...) that my little boy is back home with me and playing quietly without a care in the world.  I'm still a little shaky and my eyes continue to tear up, but all is good.

Bomb Threats and schools is another one of my biggest fears in life.  I send my kids to school every day and I occasionally think of what could happen to them while they are there.  You always wonder if someone pissed someone else off that day and something is going to happen.  This is a crazy ass world we live in and today makes me cherish my children so much more!!

So, HUG your kids today and LOVE them to the fullest!!  I know I will.


  1. Thankful everyone is safe! Regardless of your "relationship" with the Lord, you can always go to him to ask for his intervention in any situation! Lovin' on you and your kiddies today!

    People often wonder (to my face and behind my back) why I do the things I do, throw huge parties, go overboard for my kids etc... Life WAY the heck tooo short not to celebrate EVERYTHING EVERYDAY!


  2. I am glad that Max is ok and it is a scary thing to have happen... I was thinking of him running out of his class to me when I was there and it makes me feel sad and made me cry that he could have been hurt... There are crazy people out there. I am not there so please give all my grand kids special hugs from mommysmommy..