Holiday pic

Holiday pic

Monday, October 31, 2011

What I learned from Halloween this year...

Every year I think Halloween is going to be fun and calm (I know, that's an oxymoron)...and every year I just seem a bit disappointed, you know??  And so, I have thought long and hard and have come up with a few things to try next year...ha ha ha

1. Pick up kids from school and bring home a pizza at that point.  This will give us more time to get everyone dressed and will also ensure that they eat a decent meal before trekking it out on the streets.  Tonight, it took us 50 minutes to get everyone dressed and out the door...I know, there are 4 kids involved but I think we can improve on this.

2. Give hubby something to calm him down so he doesn't get annoyed at everything they do... you know, like running to the next house w/o waiting for the little ones??  Or asking each kid to get dressed more times then necessary... they are excited about this time and I think get so caught up in the act of Trick or Treating that they can't concentrate on the task of getting ready??  Perhaps some kind of organization on my part would help..ha ha.. laying out costumes and stuff...

3. Drink heavily and make a To Go cup... ok, so I did make the To Go cup tonight but I should have started drinking earlier... seriously, it would have helped me deal with the Big Kid (you know, hubby)

4. Move to a neighborhood like place for the week.  It would just be so convenient to be able to walk out our front door and come back when we are tired and/or hungry.

5. PEE before we leave.  Not just the kiddies either... man, I had to go so bad by the time we got back!!

6. Pack HEALTY snacks for the trek...perhaps that would deter them from wanting every piece of candy they get.  ha ha ha Who am I kidding...

7. Invest in some hand warmers... especially if there is a snowstorm just before Halloween... Franny Girls hands were so cold...

8. If that To Go cup doesn't do it just bring a flask... ha ha ha ha ha

9. Go with the flow and make sure your kids know they might NOT win the costume contest... Kyra was a puddle b/c she didn't win anything... but she did get over it quickly, thank goodness..

I can't think anymore... here's to a better Halloween next year!!  Though, on a good note, Franny won $10 in the costume contest tonight... I think she needs to take me out for

Hope you all had a GREAT night and stayed nice and warm..

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  1. lol Love your humor in your posts makes me smile! THanks for that! 8)