Holiday pic

Holiday pic

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Rollercoaster Road

Whew... thankful that these last couple days are over... there have been highs and lows and lots to do, but I guess that's what life is, right??

Got home late Thursday night and passed out, up early Friday and didn't stop 'til about 2AM... 2 babies plus my 2, jazz class, ballet class, baby shower, and a pick up at the train station.  Throw in some baking and an attempt at dishes and that was Friday.  Saturday included a soccer game, some more baking, a fabulous halloween party at a friends, some cookie decorating and another night of passing out.  Today, we had religion (yes, missed church again), last minute grocery shopping and dollar store, Franny Girls bday party and will soon be passing out again!!

The 'highs' of the weekend: my mom is visiting, DJ scored 2 goals in his soccer game, the Halloween party, hubby stepping up to the plate and helping us through the party, and Franny having fun, seeing friends and family (well, some family), and having the weekend over!!

The 'lows' of the weekend: getting stuck in traffic 5 minutes away from the train station so that it took an extra 1/2 hr to get there, not having enough time in the days, almost not having a cake for the party today (had I had more time, I would have made one but I had to cut out something), Trio of Terrors and their mother (ha ha ha)...

Some pics and than I have to pass out again.  I could go on and on about my SIL and her Trio of Terrors but I'll refrain for now...

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  1. that First B-Day outfit OMG!!!! I want one!!! Jules had a ball!!! TTYS!!! XOXOX Little Franny Girl!!! Enjoy Elmo!!!