Holiday pic

Holiday pic

Friday, October 14, 2011


I don't know...perhaps this jetlag crap is settling in or something but I am completely exhausted this week.  Ireland was so completely relaxing and easy.  I am falling asleep randomly at night here on my couch and waking at weird intervals.  Now, I know my sleep was never the best before I left, but this is crazy!!

My brain is muddled and my kids lives are never-ending.  I had a few hours today where I could actually catch up on some of my cleaning/organizing crap.  I cleaned Kyra's room today and just started throwing stuff out...the girl is a mess!!  Got my toilets cleaned...hooray!!  And, I got most of the island in my kitchen cleared off!!  I can see the countertop:)

Kyra's tap class has been moved to another night...yuck... but, with that, she will be able to take a 2nd ballet class along with it, so I guess there is a positive to it.  She was in a more advanced class last year and was put in a different class for this.  Worked out well for us b/c she was able to take tap on the same night as she remains in the more advanced tap class.  Now, she will be taking a ballet class with the girls from last year as well as the new ballet class.  So, she will be challenged in one class and will move with ease in the other!!  On a negative side, we will be making an extra trip to Goshen during the week.  Wonder if they have a gymnastics class on tuesday DJ could take so that we can eliminate Wednesday's trip??  Hmmmmm...I will have to look into that...

Still pondering if working on Thursday's is still beneficial to us.  If I am going to be watching the baby every day instead of just 3, than perhaps it is.  But, will they still want me if only for that every other sunday shift??  I really do love working at the is so peaceful and I'm surrounded by books!!  I just haven't made a full decision on this...gotta talk to my boss.

Working birthday parties on saturday is starting to stress me out.  I haven't been 100% trained on them and they are putting me on the schedule and my 'time' slot will hinder my ability to get to my 'dance' rehearsals.  Need to figure this out as well.  I started to train for this with the thought that it would only be as a 'fill-in' when someone needs coverage.  Now, it has turned into a weekly gig that I will have as long as a party is booked for that time I am doing.  And, they've added a sunday time slot to me as well.  The extra money will be awesome but the next couple months are just crazy busy weekends:(

OK- gonna try and go back to work...hope you all are having a great day!!

Good hubby thought- he made dinner tonight to be ready when I got home from work!!


  1. think YOUR candle has 3 ends and they are all burning....dont burn out....not fun when momma is burned out! XOX

  2. I agree with Melissa.. Too much for you to handle Dawn..Makes for an irritable mama..

  3. if you like the library job and you feel peace there then it's definitely beneficial. Where else are you really going to find that? and get paid for it? Can you tell the birthday party people that you can't do every weekend? Or, as hard as it is to do, drop one of the kids activities so you're not running around like a maniac! Otherwise it sounds like it will be a crazy ride!!!