Holiday pic

Holiday pic

Monday, October 17, 2011

Romper Room

Today we had to hang out at my girlfriends apartment while I watched Baby C.  I cannot drive him anywhere so I have to stay put once he comes.  The problem with that is Max gets out of preschool at 10:15 and the baby arrives at my house around 10.  Hmmmmmmm..... what to do.

Plan A was activated and that resulted in 2 adults, 4 toddlers and 3 babies (2 one yr olds and 1 itty bitty baby) in a small apartment (Baby C could come to me wherever I was as long as I don't drive him anywhere).  It was kinda crowded but I think we did ok.  Schedules were out of wack but we got through it.  It was like we were the Brady Bunch of know, we added our 'clans' together??  We will have one more day of Plan A on wednesday but after that I have found someone to pick Max up from his school and bring him home!!  Yeah:)

Perhaps we should have looked into the Looking Glass today...LOL

Franny's 20 minute nap in the stroller..

Max found a stick...

some of the gang

And now onto tomorrow... just went through some dates and found out Girl Scouts is tomorrow afternoon.  Oh, why did we do this??  Kyra really likes it but it's just another thing to try and get to.

I also have to drive our little itty bitty car tomorrow b/c it was giving hubby problems coming home.  He needs to make sure he gets to work for some meetings... so I'm stuck with it... here's hoping I don't break down anywhere.  

Later...have a great night:)

Good hubby- made lunches for kids tomorrow!!

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