Holiday pic

Holiday pic

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Dilemma of the Day

Today was a pretty big dilemma and a lot of stressful thinking.

You see, I realized last night (yes, last night) that Max's pre-school program was a Mon/Tue/Wed cycle.  The problem with this, you see, is that I watch another little baby Mon/Wed and he arrives around 10ish in the morning.  The pre-school ends at 10:15.  Hmmmm...what to do with that??  Oh, and the parents of the baby do not want him driven in a car with a person who is not them (or their family).  

so, yeah, what to do with that.

Max's school costs pretty much nothing for him to go to b/c it is a training center for future daycare/preschool teachers.  That he even got in was Awesome!!  And I would totally hate to see him not be able to stay in his school b/c he was so excited to have his own school.  But, the income from watching the baby is a blessing in disguise and we totally need that.  And then I think about the other kids who wanted to get into this program but didn't and how we took up that spot.  Long story short, we've figured out a plan for now.  We will have to see how it goes and hope it works out b/c there is the potential to have the new baby mon-fri...which would also benefit our family financially.  Worse case scenario, Max will have to drop out of preschool.  So, let's hope that the plan works and he can stay!!

On another note, am running on fumes as always.  Looking ahead and wondering how I'm going to accomplish all that I have said I would do.  Am supposed to be doing b-day parties on the weekends and am trying to finish my training for that.  Both kids made it into the Nutcracker and the rehearsal schedules are definitely infringing on our weekend 'social' life.  Looks like DJ will miss some fun stuff this fall.

I know hubby doesn't think so, but I am kinda glad he lost his prime hunting spot this year.  I will need his help on getting kids where they need to be this fall.  We will have to seriously think about activities next year and what I can and cannot do.  If all works out with the baby and I am still watching him next year I may not have to take on so many weekend jobs or even keep the library job on Thursdays.  But then, if I give up the Thursday nights am I going to keep my job??  Yet another future dilemma I'm sure I will have to consider.  The library job is a future-thinking position with hopes that once all of my kids go to school I can switch my hours to work while they are all in school.

I think baking might have to take a back burner and I will have to just take orders for people that know of me already and word of mouth.  I just don't see how I can actively advertise for that when I know baking will only take place at night.  I don't think I have the energy to try and make a go for it right now.  Who knows if that will ever come of anything at this point.  Somethings gotta give and sadly, that might be it.  I know there are other things that can be given up but that's one I know will have to take a break.  I'm sad that Max and Franny girl will not be able to do what Dj and Kyra did and do now.  There will be no Mommy and Me classes and no gymnastics/dance classes for them.  At least, not when they're little like the big kids got.  But, at the same time, I'm happy that I will be able to be there and home with them.  Yes, I am finally starting to enjoy the throes of motherhood and being that stay at home mom.  Now, if only I could organize my home a little better and perhaps have some time to get things

Good hubby thing: he sat down with DJ and studied with him tonight

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