Holiday pic

Holiday pic

Monday, October 17, 2011

The Power of Change... know, that stuff you toss in the bottom of your purse or drop in the cupholder of your car?? Yeah, I'm not talking about changing here...though, that is another thing that is powerful in our lives:)

Today, I talk about all that little round metal things we use a currency.  Let me tell you, it can definitely add up and be very useful when you need it.  This week was a 'change' week for us.  I needed some groceries and I didn't have the funds so I needed to cash in that change I keep adding up.  This time around I only had about $54 worth of change to use, but it was definitely needed.  You see, when I go away and spend money, I also don't get a paycheck at the end of that week.  And b/c I watch kids in my house w/o a contract (you know, the ones from daycares that say you pay whether you go or not...or you pay full month even when there is a week vacation and the daycare is closed?), I don't get paid when I'm away or when they don't come.  And so, this was one of my 'change' weeks.

Change can be a great thing for all of us.  I always opt for giving the extra dollar to get change back instead of fishing for exact change when paying for things.  And I throw it all in my tall Jameson 12 year holder...great place for it, don't you think??  And let me tell you, it can really add up for that extra something you need.

Here is my biggest example of saving change:   I used to bartend and they started Happy Hour prices of drinks.  Drinks were half price which made the total always have .50 at the end.  Most customers left that 50 cents on the bar along with some dollars and I would never cash in the coins at the end of the night.  After about 9 months of holding onto these coins, I was able to cash in $1400 dollars...yup...that's right... $1400.  Now, that's my biggest score yet and I'm sure I won't be able to top that b/c I cash in more frequently and I'm not bartending anymore, but, you can see how it can add up.

So, tonight's word of advice- next time you are searching for those couple of cents to make it the exact amount,  DON'T DO IT!!!  Give that extra dollar and throw that change in a jar at home.  Whether you want to save for a big fat purse or just need it for a couple of groceries, you will be glad you did!!

That's my 2 cents for today:)  Have a great day!!

Now- I am seriously considering starting a new blog about baking.  Trial and error on recipes, you know.  Pick a book with only baking recipes and just plow through it one recipe at at time.  I just need a really good baking book and a cool blogging name...any suggestions??  I have a couple of books I'm considering working with and I will post them soon.  And I need a name... I'm going to pick a book and bake it all...I will post my failures as well as my 'happy' endings... tell you what I did and what I think went wrong (if it did...)
Trial and Error Baker
Come Bake with Me
Ms. Bakes-a-lot
Baking Momma

Any suggestions would be Awesome!!

Good hubby today: He made dinner tonight b/c I was at work!!  yeah hubby:)

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  1. I just used my change for my train ticket to NY with some left over..
    A name suggestion: Dessert's by Dawn..