Holiday pic

Holiday pic

Friday, October 28, 2011

Family Portrait and a little Friendly's

We went yesterday for a 'family' portrait.  Haven't done that since Kyra was about's been like 6 years.  Now, we've had out picture taken as a family at all those fun events like baptisms and communions and stuff.  But, we haven't been anywhere to have it taken, you know??  Pictures are so freakin' expensive.  And I take pictures of lots of families but we just never get our own done.  So, now we have one (or we will have one when they come in).  I feel like I've cheated too... we went the cheapo route and went to...wait for it... Walmart Picture place.  Yup...totally cheaped out.  I would love to be able to hire a real photographer and stuff...but they can be a bit pricey and once you pay for the actually sitting you have to go ahead and pay for any pictures you want.  Stuff I do for other people on occasion.  But, alas, I don't even think I could afford myself and I'm pretty cheap!!  I guess it doesn't matter b/c we actually will have a picture of all 6 of us.  Holy cow...we have 6 people in this family!!  Where did that come from.  Ok ok... I know where and how it came to us but WOW...

Anyway...that's done and we can hang some new pictures in this house soon!!  To be honest, I have to say hubby was a real sport about it too.  He had taken the day off to go hunting and what do I do but make an appt for it on that day.  Originally he was going to hunt in the morning and go meet with his Mom, brothers and her lawyer to discuss that whole sticky situation and her house and the big D word.  Yup, even people in their 70's talk about separation and divorce and all that crap.  Strange, right??  The lawyer cancelled and he was expecting to go out hunting in the afternoon too...but, he came with us so we could do the whole family and not just the kids!!  Thanks hubby!!

Afterwards, we headed to our seasonal trip to Friendly's.  We always go to Friendly's when momma visits.  It's like our 'thing', you know??  At least it's not Chuckee Cheese or something like  service was mediocre and the food was the same as always.  Though, the burgers were better (they are supposedly fresh now as opposed to frozen).  And we do love the ice-cream there!!  Of course we ran in to 2 ladies who used to work in the daycare DJ/Kyra went to when I worked and their kindergarten teacher showed up too.  We had to get out of there before any other teacher showed up and they could see just how unruly my children are.  Ice-cream to go was in order b/c they just weren't going to make it through!!

Long weekend ahead of us (of course no break).  Franny is not feeling well...think she's teething.  Her cheeks are rosy red and she may be running a slight fever.  She has been sleeping since about 8:30 and hasn't stirred.  Wonder if she will and how our night will be.

Hope you are all enjoying this snow if you're in the Northeast with us.  I know I'm not... just a little wet flurry tonight but I really could use the sunny warmth again.  I do hate the winters and snow and ice and cold.  I must retire to a nice warm climate!!

Good hubby- well, he went on a family portrait journey and didn't go hunting instead... that's Great!!


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  1. thinking of you today! Almost your b'day! wishing I was there to celebrate with you!