Holiday pic

Holiday pic

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Coming Home..

Back from Ireland and back from the Peacefulness!!  I thought about writing about Ireland and everything that I did and the flight out there and back...but, I think the coming home part is what I'll write about tonight.
301288_2579565013648_1390095114_3077735_771677889_n.jpgI missed my kids tremondously while I was away but at the same time I was glad to have the time away from them.  While I did have Franny Girl with me, it was nice to NOT count kids for a change (I am constantly counting up to 4 or more kids just to make sure I've got them all).  Franny and I really didn't do much except hang out and enjoy family and scenery!!  Wedding was a blast, flights were ok, Tea was awesome, and relaxation was much needed.  Now, let's say it in Irish:  The wedding was just gorgeous, my wee little pet was a hit with everyone, a spot of tea was delish, the crack was fantastic and entertaining and the food was lovely!!  ha ha  ok, so back to REALITY

What's that word, REALITY???  Gosh, my brain has been swimming in some muddy waters since I've been back.  I kinda thought hubby would see what I do at home and perhaps have a different view about how things get done while I'm gone...but, he is very laid back about it all and gives off this vibe that it was a piece of cake while I was away.  It's kind of disconcerting, you know??  He followed a 'manual' that I created for him (times of activities, what to pack, what to feed them, etc) but it feels like he did little else while I was away.  No wait, he did 3 loads of laundry I think and perhaps he did dishes.  But, the bathroom smells b/c the toilet wasn't cleaned and there were crumbs all over the floor.  Ha...he said he swept on Wednesday... but, alas, we all know you have to sweep more than once a week and the toilets need cleaning.  And there are always more than 3 loads of laundry to do.  Now, he also only had Max during the day, so why couldn't he have gotten more stuff done??  Oh, wait, I think he was doing 'outside' stuff but than the tractor broke and he was done with that.  I'm often asked, by him, why I don't have the time to get the cleaning done during the week and all of the laundry and why I absolutely loathe doing dishes and making iced tea (the iced tea container seems to always be empty) and yet, while I'm gone these same things are not done.  AND, he still thinks it was a cake-walk to stay with them last week.
317104_2579585334156_1390095114_3077792_1476725975_n.jpgPerhaps I should have left the baby home???  I just feel kind of deflated that he gives off this attitude that it was just so easy.  It's like he still doesn't get it, you know??  He slapped my hand and said 'tag, you're it' and I'm that's it, he's done.  You see, it was a piece of cake to him b/c he can check out and doesn't have to do it on a regular basis.!!  ha ha  
Oh well, I guess that's that.  I'm still completely exhausted and this is a very hectic week to come home to after a week of rest and relaxation.

On a positive note- the kids were dressed, fed, perhaps bathed, sent to school on time, picked up on time, delivered to all their activities, homework was done and hubby said he learned how to BREATHE while I was away.  Always good things!!
297653_2579657495960_1390095114_3077947_2127573616_n.jpgHope you all had a great week and I missed you all!!

314651_2579601414558_1390095114_3077843_250932118_n.jpgRIP to my dad and many blessings to my 'step' mom on her new marriage:)

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