Holiday pic

Holiday pic

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

ADHD?? and a date night...

Hubby and I met with our pediatrician to talk about DJ and his 'issues'.  Specifically to determine if perhaps he has it or not.  We talked about his inattentiveness, easily distractedness, constantly moving, unorganizational skills and complete and utter forgetfulness of things you've just told him or asked him to do.  He always has been and probably always will be a challenge for me.  I constantly have problems understanding him and trying to figure out what will work with him.  I feel like we (I) have tried so many different tactics to work with him and often times feel like I am failing as his parent.  And so, we are taking the first step to getting him diagnosed as yes or no and moving forward from there.  Hopefully things will become more clear about him and perhaps I can figure out how to work with him.  He is such a smart loving kid and I know that he must also have a hard time with things.  You can see it on his face when you get to the point of yelling at him and boy do I feel like a horrible parent when I do.  I find myself having less patience these days with him and I can't stand myself for it.  It doesn't help that I am always completely exhausted and don't sleep well at night, but that can't be my excuse.  I must breathe more and think calmly before reacting to him, you know??

Side bar here- told doc about the boys book club I started over the summer and he was really a little in awe that I had done something like that as he'd never heard of a boys book club run by parents...yeah me and the other parents for doing it!!  Keep those boys on track and reading!!

On a good note, my mom was here and was able to watch this kids for us so that we could go and talk and not worry about getting back home.  We took advantage and went out for dinner too... had a heart to heart while we were there and we both vowed to COMMUNICATE better with each other.  Hubby needs to be asked specifically to do things and needs notes and/or lists of things to be done in my absence.  I suggested taking time out every Sunday to print out a list of the weeks activities and chores and to hang it in a local place so that we can both look at it and cross of the crap that needs to be done.  My biggest pet peave is all these freakin' dishes that pile up in this house and how once I've got Franny girl asleep I can't just go and do them.

Franny girl doesn't sleep in her crib these days... I know, she's never last longer than about 3 days straight in her crib and we're back on the couch.  For awhile she was sleeping on the floor near the couch and I could sleep a little better.  But, lately, she's not been sleeping there for long periods of time and always winds up back on the couch with me.  This week has not been a good sleeping week and she has not been comfortable.  Teeth perhaps??  Who knows these days.  All I know is that I would like to sleep longer than 2-3 hrs at a time, you know??  How did I ever get to this point with her anyway??  I'm supposed to be this 'mother of Four' who has it all together and knows how to get her freakin' kids to sleep through the night and in her own bed.  But, than she cries out and whimpers and I go all soft for her and just want to make it right.  She definitely has my number and I've definitely gone all soft with her...

Back to dinner- went to a new restaurant in town called Fetch.  It is all decked out in dog pictures and dog stuff...proceeds to benefit local humane societies.  Oh crap...Franny's crying out again.  I'll do a separate 'review' of the place with pics...



  1. Glad you and your hubby had some alone time! So important! Peace to your day momma!

  2. Remember that next time when you get mad at mom.