Holiday pic

Holiday pic

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Friendships... and a little jungle hacking:)

Friendships, I think, can be compared to your clothes... Just as your clothes/style may change throughout time, so do your friends.

The Little Black Dress:  this is the friend you can always rely on for everything.  There is always a need for that little black dress to come out of the closet and you know it won't disappoint.  You know when there is a function, that little black dress can come out and be enjoyed and will always be in style.  Thus said, this is the friend that you know will always be there for you through thick and thin and will not be judged nor will they judge you.

Bell Bottoms/Skinny Jeans: this is the friend that you may have had at one point in time but lost touch with and then will reconnect with but on a different level.  Remember when those tight fitting jeans were in style but you wore several different colored socks at the bottom??  20 (or so) years later, the tight fitting jeans are back in style but instead of the multi-colored socks at the bottom, you wear ballet flats or skin tight boots.  These are the friends that you had, maybe in high school and/or college and lost touch with.  Years later, you found them again and realize that you can pick up that friendship where you left off but with all your life experiences added to that friendship to make it that much more fulfilling.

Shoulder Pads:  okay, this style will NEVER come back into least it better not.  These are the friends that you cherished and loved and 'wore' with pride at one point in your life and you always think about those pads but you know you will never have them in your life.  All you can do is think about how you learned from them and moved forward.

The 'NEW' style out there:  this is that new friend you've found and you embrace them with all your might while you are with them.  You wonder if they will become a Little Black Dress or if they will be a Shoulder Pad.  But, you also enjoy every moment you have with them just as you enjoy those thrilling moments of being hip in your new digs!!

The moral of this entry is the same thing we all say:  Friends come and go in our lives and we can learn from each and every one of them in a different way.  (I don't know, do you say this??  I believe it)  Everyone who comes into our lives is someone special and unique and I believe you can learn something new about yourself (like, bell bottoms really aren't for me or those skinny jeans must stay in my closet forever).  Recently, I have become close to that 'new style' of clothing and I feel very blessed to have the friendship that has formed.  I have also welcomed back those skinny jeans with a difference and I am embracing that friendship as well.  I have learned so much from these 2 people in such a short amount of time and I am truly blessed to have them both.  One makes me want to be a better mother/wife and the other makes me want to be a better friend.  Both, I think, have potential of becoming a Little Black Dress in my wardrobe.  I love them both for very different reasons (in only a way a woman can love another to mom).

Thank you for coming into my life and thank you for re-entering into my life:)  I am truly blessed to have such wonderful 'women/mom' friends in my world!!  We can all learn together, grow together and be better people together!!

How's that for positiveness??

Positive hubby- he did my dishes and a load of laundry today!!

What makes me happy- ummmm, that fabulous, scrumptious, delicious chocolate cake from BJ's (yes, something I didn't bake

Oh, and I got hack the jungle tonight!!  YEAH:)


  1. Nice post. I am going to link to it because I love it so much! XO

  2. Nice post Dawn... You better save me a piece of that chocolate cake.. Maybe I should buy a little black dress:)