Holiday pic

Holiday pic

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Exhaustion continues...

I don't see an ending in sight but I know we will get there eventually.  As if I didn't have enough going on, I have offered my photographic services to do some 'portraits' of kids (stuff I love to do and have done in the past).  Now, to find the time to do them...ha ha

Franny girls party is in 9 days and I have to figure out when I'm going to make everything for it.  When I say make, I mean the dessert stuff.  I already have the food crap under control and I know what I'm baking/making but now I have to come up with a schedule for the next week...hoping I can get stuff baked during the daytime hours instead of late at night...  And, there is a baby shower for a neighbor that was moved from tonight to next friday night...they assume that b/c I bake I will automatically make the 'cake' for it.  Not gonna make a cake but am making some mini cupcakes with 'pink' stuff on top and maybe some baby decor as well as some apple streussel cheesecake bites (love love love these).  This week would have been so much better to get that out of the way... oh, well...these candles need to keep burning until Thanksgiving break I guess.  Oh, Thanksgiving...wonder what we're doing for that this year as I generally make the turkey and stuff here...

I can't take my kids out of dance.  I just can't.  I love it so much and I see how much they are loving it.  You should see DJ when he comes out of his classes.  He is so excited to show me what they are learning and Kyra just loves anything and everything about dancing.  So, we will be keeping that.  Soccer will not last forever and neither will Nutcracker rehearsals so we just have to get through the next 2 months.  Right??

We will figure out Max's preschool and is he stays or not.  Let's see how out arrangement works out next week and go from there.

Momma's coming for a visit for a whole week!!  Yeah!!  Can't wait so that we can go to Friendly's with the kiddies and get those cool Monster Mash sundae dishes!!  And, perhaps I can get some things done?? You know, like get rid of all the bags of clothes lining my upstairs... oh wait, that is a neverending project so when I do get rid of the current bags, more bags will come...

I can't think straight anymore and you're probably spinning from trying to figure out what I've just written (I think it's a little chaotic but there you go).

Good hubby thing- he will keep 3 kiddies home on friday evenings and feed them dinner while I take DJ to his nice not to have to keep them entertained for 3 hours at the dance place:)

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