Holiday pic

Holiday pic

Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year's Eve...

New Year's Eve...what does it mean to you??  What do you do on that night??  Aside from a 'new year' beginning, why do we all make such a big deal out of it??  Isn't it just another day/night??

OK, so we hung out, ate lots of junk, let the kids stay up to watch the ball fall and all that stuff.  We even had lobster...YUM.  We played Wii and some board games too.  And it was a nice family night.  Wouldn't it be great if we did this more than (I know...this is probably the wrong than/then...I can never get this right) once a year??  I'm sure most of you do this stuff on a regular basis...but we don't.  Thinking we should...right??  It was nice once the littles fell asleep and we could actually 'hang out' with the big kids too.  We didn't make any resolutions though.  I don't believe in them.  They don't work...nope... I need some 'lifestyle' changes in my future. think that would work??  Calling them something different??

Let's reflect on the year, shall we??
- DJ turned 8, Kyra turned 7, Max turned 3 and Franny turned 1
- There were sports games, dance recitals, Polish dancing, and gymnastics
- DJ made his 1st Holy Communion and Franny was baptized
- Cousin Sandy and crew made it out to NY this year for a visit
- Franny went international and traveled to Ireland with me
- Max started pre-school
- Franny stopped sleeping through the night and in her crib:(
- Mommy and Daddy realized they have some work to do ... on THEM ...
- My Mom is back at college and has been inducted into their Nat'l Honor Society (Go Mom)

Things to look forward to this year:
- DJ will turn 9 (holy like 12 days), Kyra will turn 8, Max will turn 4 and Franny will turn 2
- More sports and dancing and gymnastics... I love that they love to dance:)
- Kyra will make her 1st Holy Communion
- My brother-in-law is getting married in St Thomas (and we are going...yeah...)
- My brother is getting married
- Preschool for Max ... maybe ... we will have to see how the year and babysitting goes
- Really looking forward to Franny sleeping through the night and in her crib... Please??  Oh, and I know she will stop nursing this year... trust me
- My new blog adventure (yes, because I have all the time in the world I'm going to start a new one... about baking.. look for it soon)
- More family nights together... games and stuff..
- Our yearly trip to Myrtle Beach... love it there

I'm also going to try and actually EAT this year.  Yes, I know, we all have our 'diet' plans for the year.  But, seriously, I just need to start eating...especially in the first half of the day.  Gotta stop the whole starving and finally eating at 3pm crap.  gonna work on that one.  I'd like to say I'm gonna make it to the gym, too.  But, with no time to actually get there, I'm not sure how that would work.

Hoping you all had a great New Year's Eve and wishing you all health and wealth in the New Year.

Some pics of our night below:

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  1. Looks like a wonderful evening... I was in a bar drinking some unknown substances that the bar tender was giving us. Gave up after 2nd shot.. Made a resolution to eat healthier and exercise more so I can see my grand kids get to be teenagers or parents and try not to be mean to my boss:)