Holiday pic

Holiday pic

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Temperamental Car Troubles:(

So... I went to the gym last night (yes, this is becoming a 1x a week thing...yeah) and I'm sweating my ASS off on the treadmill.  I have on black sweats and a blue long sleeve shirt (so, I really did look all bruised up)... the sweat is dripping down my face and in my pits and I'm really excited about it (really, I was).. oh, and did I mention I was watching Paula Deen and Son make some really fattening foods while I was sweating my ASS off on the treadmill??

And guess who called??  I know, you're thinking, what are you doing with your phone while you're working out, right??  ha ha... hey, when you've got kids and a hubby who drives a shit car on a really long shitty commute, you bring the phone with you just in case, you know??  good thing I had that sucker sitting on top of the treadmill because Hubby broke down.  Yup... car completely stopped working while he was driving on the highway.  Now, I know this car has made it a LONG time and I know we keep putting bandaids on it just to keep her going for a little bit more and I totally knew this day was gonna come.  But, why now??  couldn't she have held on for a few more months??  Nope...

Oh, and did I mention that his cell phone was gonna die and he had no charger in the car with him??  Stupid Man!!  But, on a plus side, the car made it over the bridge...

So, I cooled down and called a tow truck for him.  And proceeded to find a place to have the car towed to.  Did I mention I was at the gym and his phone was about to die??  Special thanks to the guy at the desk at the gym for looking up #'s for me so I could call around while dripping sweat on the lobby floor in my mismatched work-out clothes!!

Did I also mention that neither of my kids had their homework with them and neither kid had even started their homework before we left the house??  Hey, at least I fed them dinner.  This was a good thing, because I barely had any snacks hidden in my purse last night and there were no extra snacks lying around the front seat or on the floor in the back.  I totally wasn't prepared to feed them anything else until we got home from the gym.  Now I need to start remembering to leave snacks randomly in the truck and my purse again.  But, I did find 1 baby granola bar, 1 regular granola bar, 5 cheese nips (not bags, actual cheese nips) and a package of those mini peanut butter cups (whew...that was my dinner, er, um, snack).

So, we figure out where hubby is getting towed and I head to the dance place where Kyra is still in class... we wait until she's done and go on our merry way to pick up the hubster!!  Good thing I worked out b/c my actual dinner of MacDonald's was a wash!!  And I was planning on a nice healthy salad and lasagna last night..

Franny, of course, fell asleep in the car and wound up being awake until about 12 midnight.  That kinda sucked.  Max went from the car to bed and protested every second of it...he was exhausted.  DJ/Kyra got their homework done (I put the timer on and told them they HAD to be done before it went off) and let them watch about 15 minutes of TV before shipping their butts up to bed.

That was a FUN night!!

Oh, and turns out they couldn't find anything wrong with the car.  Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha haha ha ah ah aha ha ha ah ahah aha ha ah ahaha h

Have a GREAT night!!


  1. Oh man! Oh Man! need to catch a break!

  2. ugh!!! hang in there!!