Holiday pic

Holiday pic

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Max had a run in with the corner of my island earlier this evening... of course, neither parent was home.. so Mommy's Mommy had to deal with the blood.  It would appear as though the forehead area is now at the perfect height to the top of his forehead..
The cut almost looks like the Eiffel Tower, doesn't it?? 

Max, as most 3 years olds, have the utmost faith in being able to run forward while looking backwards and NOT getting hurt.  Now, my oldest know, the one who antagonizes him the most??  was smart enough to wet a paper towel and start wiping away the blood... Go DJ!!  Max was a trooper and he was able to entertain the entire Emergency Room while we were there.  He talked a mile a minute, told some guy to cover his mouth while coughing, ran around in circles (guess he still has that blind faith that he can run around like a maniac and not get hurt), sat on his 'boat' while catching fish and speed boating to North Carolina but stopping several times to refuel, getting bit by lobsters when he stepped off his 'boat', used his 'bugs' to sting the doctor, yadda yadda yadda... kid wouldn't stop talking the entire time we were there:) 
There were able to glue his head back together!! stitches:)

I'm sure this won't be the last trip for Max though.  DJ was here for a nice gluing when he was 3 too:)

On to other news...

My mother is here this week... I love when Mom is here.  My laundry somehow miraculously disappears and my dishes seem to be constantly getting done!!  Oh, and I can do a few kidless 

Franny is sleeping in her crib for longer periods of time but she's been awake until about 11:00 at night.  So, my time is still shot and I can barely get anything done at night... hence the reason for my lapse in this blog.

We had snow over the weekend and I have NO pictures of my kids in the snow.  Perhaps it's because DJ went to a friends house and Kyra went to a friends house and Max has been sick so he stayed in.  We made cookies though... yup... have to blog about that on the other blog I foolishly started.  The recipe is from the CIA cookbook.  Tomorrow..

Went out saturday night with my BIL and his fiancee.  Had a great time... drank not 1, not 2 but 3 strawberry martinis (and the more I think about it, I might have had 4 but can't remember... they were sooooooooooo GOOD)
I think I look pretty darn good!!

That's all I got for you today... hope you're all having a GREAT week:)

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