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Holiday pic

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Texas Multi Mamas...have you seen it??

So, I had about an hour and a half today where both babies slept and Max kept himself entertained and I found myself for a loss of what to do.  I didn't want to make a lot of noise b/c one of those babies sleeps downstairs, you know??  I decided to make myself some lunch, pop a squat on my couch, and see what kind of daytime crap was on the TV...

Ran into this show on the WE tv channel- Texas Multi Momas.  It's supposed to be a show about women in TX who have multiples (you know, children).  Apparently they all met at some support group...though I think they all met at the casting call for the show..LOL  As I was watching the show, I have to ask and/or comment the following:

1- Is this a real show about moms who have multiple babies at one time or is it fake??  Because they all looked perfectly made up and dressed impeccably throughout the entire show.  I may not have twins/triplets or anything like that but I sure don't have the time to get myself all made up for day to day crap..

2- Why call the show Texas Multi Mamas??  I know I know... it's because they have a multitude of things going on for themselves and they apparently are actually Moms...

3- Shouldn't it just be called 'Wannabe Housewives but we have twins, triplets and quads so we are DIFFERENT...really, we are'

4- Where and/or How can they afford to go to the spa, bar, restaurant throughout the whole show w/o their kids???  Isn't the premise of the show about them having multiple kids??

5- Boob jobs and tummy tucks must be standard for Texas moms???

I know...'reality' TV where everything is a set-up situation to appear as though it is actually reality, right??

So, speaking of reality TV... did you catch the season premier of Dance Moms??  Now, those moms have some issues!!  Too many to go into right now.

Franny Sleeping update-  ha ha ha ha ha ha ha... not getting any better and there is certainly absolutely no pattern or rhyme/reason to her sleeping.  Just pray for a night filled with at least 5 hours of sleep please??  I can handle that!!

Have a fabulous Wednesday!!


  1. I LOVE the show! I just watched 2 episodes yesterday! Dream world they live

    Boob job is scheduled for next

  2. I nearly vomited watching it last night. As a momma of multiples and belonging to a real multiples group I do not know one single momma like that.

    I watched the one where the 26 year old got implants! She does have a mother in law from hell though.

    I have wanted a tummy tuck since the kids were born, but ummmmmmm since we have kids we have no money!

    I can't even take a shower without getting interrupted let alone get out the door without my kids!

  3. LOL! i must say, i got a good chuckle out of reading this post. you were dead on in many of your bullet points (many, but not all). :)

    my name is suz steece and i am one of the quad moms on the show. super bummed how it ended up being about catty moms- instead of what i agreed to- a reality show about parenting/support groups/multiples and how we manage to juggle it all.

    i appreciate your honest review---something i value in other women. if you want to check out my "REAL LIFE" ;) you can see my blog at

    blessings, girl!

    1. Nice of you to reply Suz. Love the show, but seems like so much is "for the camera" and not real life 8( Either way, it's entertainment for sure!

      Melissa (homeschooling mother of 4 ages 2 - 23) hey maybe there should be a show out of

      Peace! and good luck with the show!

    2. Wow... I can't believe you read this:) I did enjoy watching the show and I do love good Reality TV... I know most of it's for the cameras.
      Checked out your blog.. looks pretty normal there:) lol

      See ya on the TV!!