Holiday pic

Holiday pic

Friday, January 20, 2012

Car update... and the Wrecker!!

You know, as I typed in the subject of this post, you could probably say the car is a Wreck or the Wrecker is like our car...keeps on going and going and going and going and when she will stop, nobody knows...

The car being my 1999 Saturn which has about 318,00 miles on it (couldn't bring myself to picture the car itself as it's sooooooo not in it's original here's the planet..hehehehe)

The Wrecker being my little Franny Girl who has really only just begun her journey in the world.

Let's compare stats, shall we??

Saturn                                                                   Franny
13 years old                                                         15 months old
Cheap car with no added crap                              Expensive with lots of added bonuses
     (no power anything here)                                         (very powerful will..stubborn I'd say)
318,000 (yes that's right) miles                              Low mileage though she's getting up there
Navy blue with a pin strip                                     Color depends on the meal she's just had
Defied the odds and lasted this long                      Devine Intervention brought her to us
Will climb that mountain (just a little slowly)          Will climb that kitchen table quickly and effortlessly
My first car that I bought all by myself                   My last child that I birthed all by myself
Dying a slow and painful death                              Living life to her fullest
We are always worried about the end                   We are always worried about her next
Contemplating shooting her                                   Contemplating caging her
She's seen a lot of ME                                          She sees a lot of ME and often thinks she's still part
                                                                                        of  ME
No more FM, non-power windows, non               She's nonstop noise maker... not sure if it's AM or
   power drive, poor heat, etc                                           FM, high power of everything, great body

I know I'd much rather have my good old Franny the Wrecker... but, I also wish the Wrecked Car would stick around just a little bit longer, you know??

Long story short...they called to say the car was ready and they couldn't find anything wrong with it.  So, we trek down to get the car (45 min both ways... you know, like 2-3 days worth of gas for the truck)... Hubby warms it up (b/c it starts)... pulls out onto the road and sits at the light.  Dead.. doesn't want to start again.  So, there's hubby, getting out of the car (I'm like 2 cars behind him) trying to push it across the street back to the car place.  Um, did I mention that this area is a Hasidic based community and no one seems to care that a man is pushing a car across the street...and I thought he was gonna get plowed a couple of times by these idiot drivers.  Some nice guy driving a garbage truck pulled over and helped him push it over the curb, though.
So, NOW they find something wrong with it... wonder what they'll charge us for it??  With towing and them looking and finding nothing, we've already spent like $175 bucks.  I don't think she's worth even that much..

And so, the search for a new commuter car begins.  Only, she won't be mine... And this time, we've got to get the Hubster an

Now, about that other Wrecker I got... yup, she's still a Wreck and her sleeping habits are perhaps getting just a tad better.  Think I finally convince the Hubster that HE needs to get her in the middle of the night so that she will not expect a BOOB... do you know how hard it is to NOT give a Boob at 2AM when you are completely exhausted and she is completely relentless??  It's like putting a crack addict next to some white powder and telling them not to touch know??

Have a great day:)


  1. stinks on the car situation....but that car owes you all nothing...let it go, RIP...

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