Holiday pic

Holiday pic

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Blogger Block...

Yeah, that's right...I have Blogger's Block... actually, I have so much going on in my head that I can't seem to focus and actually write about it all in a cohesive manner:)  So, I think I'll just ramble about a few things and be done with it, ok??

Siblings I'm gonna start with this quote I found about family:

"The bond that links your true family is not one of blood,
but of respect and joy in each other's life."  -Richard Back

Hmmmm... that must mean that I have a huge family outside of my blood relatives.  But, it also makes me wonder if I should accept this and not worry about those brothers of mine or if I should fight harder to stay in their lives and keep me in theirs.  I have a total of 3 brothers.  My 2 older brothers grew up far away from me and my little brother.  They grew up knowing who their 'blood' father was in a very different lifestyle than mine. I don't know them very well but I do know they are my brothers.  The oldest lives out in CA with his wife and kids.  The next one in line lives in IL with his new wife and her kids.  My younger brother lives about 7 minutes away but sometimes feels like he, too, lives a million miles away.  It saddens me that we can't seem to have the sibling relationships I see so often.  We barely speak to one another and sometimes it feels like we are disowned by one of them.  Are we all so consumed in our day to day worlds that we forget about those beings that are part of us??  I know I have a tendency to do this.  I also know that it hurts a lot when you get your Christmas card returned from one of them... supposedly b/c they are no longer at that address.  Because of this particular brothers occupation, I have to wonder if he, himself, put the sticker on the card to say the address is invalid and there is no forwarding address.  I mean, it took more than 3 weeks to come back.  And you have to wonder (well, you don't have to, but I do) what you did wrong in their eyes to cut off communication to you.

Hmm... thinking... perhaps I should just embrace the closest living bro I got and make more of an effort??  It just feels like schedules are soooooo completely off all the time.  Having 4 kids makes it really hard to find the time during normal hours... and you also have to consider their schedules and crap.

In our family, all of us siblings can come together in times of tragedy but rarely in any other times of life.  In another life, I wish we all grew up together in the same house and knew each of our parents the same way and knew each other better.  But, alas, this is the life we were given and shouldn't we make the best of it??

And so, with my sibling relationships as they are, I am on a mission to instill in my kids that they are brothers and sisters and they will always need EACH OTHER.  Respect each other, make time for each other and like each other.  Is it really that hard??  And while I'm at it, can I also request that they stop looking at each other, stop saying bad words to each other, stop antagonizing each other, stop trying to out do the other and be happy for each others accomplishments, stop tattling on each other, stop whining about each other, share with each other, etc etc etc???

Now the crap that has kept me away from the computer and all my responsiblities as a blogging momma:

  • Franny doctor appt in the morning (receiving 2 shots)
  • Baby C arrives (and doesn't sleep his full 2-2.5 hrs of napping time)
  • Franny barely sleeps 30 minutes
  • Franny follows me into the computer room and tears the place apart so I just leave the room instead
  • Franny wakes up too many times in the middle of the night so I fall asleep early
  • Max wants a snack
  • Max wants a movie
  • Max wants to do a puzzle that is 750 pieces (ha ha ha...talked him down to a 100 pc)
  • No library work b/c babysitter couldn't watch kiddies
  • Take Kyra to dance
  • Stop at library to pick up check and get books... forgot to get my check but got lots of books
  • Make dinner for Sunday b-day meal
  • Make dinner for that night
  • PTA meeting
  • Franny doesn't pass out 'til about 10
  • Get big kids on bus
  • Do dishes
  • Baby J arrives
  • Baby C arrives
  • Plumber arrives to tell us we need new Well Pump... yeah... stupid money pit house...
  • Big kids have 1/2 day
  • Hubby working from home
  • Schedule is never a schedule when all this happens
  • Make lunches/snacks/movies
  • Baby J leaves
  • Franny barely sleeps
  • Take DJ to his classes
  • Scarf down dinner
  • Try and put Franny to sleep... after 10pm tonight (she slept for a bit while I was out with
And here I am...blogging all my crap for you to read about.  

AND- tomorrow DJ turns 9!!  He was supposed to go into the city tomorrow with hubby and 2 friends.  But, we weren't going to have a sitter for the other kids while I went to one of my jobs.  Turns out, the job cancelled so they totally could've gone into the city.  BUT, good thing they aren't going b/c it is going to be COLD!!  

OK- I think that's about all I have in me.  Hope you all are having a fabulous day/night!!


  1. We as parents try to keep family together whenever we can. Sometimes due to divorce or death family tends to drify apart. Yes busy schedules come into play but we should all make time for one another even if it is just a phone call once a month. The kids will soon realize that they love each other but each child is going through a different phase in their lives.
    Family Comes Together
    by Glaedr, the poet
    Family comes together
    For always and forever
    In sickness and in health
    In poverty or in wealth
    Family comes together
    For always and forever
    Without any reason
    Anytime or any season
    Family comes together
    For always and forever

    In death or in life
    In happiness or in strife
    Family comes together
    For always and forever
    In anger or in kindness
    Whether all seeing or in blindness
    Family comes together
    For always and forever
    Whether for work or for play
    They somehow find a way
    For family to come together
    Because families are forever