Holiday pic

Holiday pic

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Who put the Crank in my Pants???

Wow... I have been CRANKY these past 2 days.  Woke up yesterday on a rip roaring roll and was just a little mean.  OK, I was a lot mean...especially to hubby.  sorry hubby... am thinking these sleepless nights just get to me sometimes and everything seems like a bigger deal than it really is,you know??

And, yesterday was DJ's birthday so I had to try really hard not to be mean to him... So hard when you're completely exhausted.  My back is constantly bothering me these days too.  I know it's all muscular and stuff... trying to stretch it out and my muscles complain back at me by cramping up.  Holding babies and washing dishes and making dinner and crap doesn't help the cause either!!

Went to the library yesterday to see the Bossy Frog guy sing and play instruments... kids had fun.  Max, I think, enjoyed it the most.  And the guy sang Happy Birthday to DJ while we were there.
Franny even got in on shoed and

Afterwards, DJ went to a friends house for a playdate b/c the whole city birthday plans were postponed.  They took him to Quick Check and he got himself a Freezy thingy.  He totally loves those things and mixes all the flavors together.  Yuck... but I guess whatever makes him happy, right??

I went to a friends house last night for a Girls Night.  Seems a common thing for women to cancel out on these things as everyone cancelled out on her last minute except for 2 of us.  I know exactly how that feels...but that's another story!!  I really wasn't up for going b/c I've been tired and cranky...but I went and had a good time just talking and relaxing.

Today we celebrated DJ's birthday with my step-father, his wife, and hubby's mother.  My niece was sick so they couldn't make it and my mother will be here next week instead of this week.  So we will celebrate again next week... I am sure DJ won't mind another celebration and some Friendly's..

Grandma's spending the night... her first sleep-over here ever.  Hope she sleeps ok.  I have to get up bright and early to head out to the dentist.  Not my favorite thing in the world.  I will be drooling all over the place and talking funny b/c they will be numbing me up for not 1... not 2... but 3 small cavities.  YUCK!!  Good thing hubby is off tomorrow so he can watch all of our wonderful, well behaved children along with Baby C until I get home... wish I could be a fly on the wall..ha ha

Hope you all have a fabulous day!!

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