Holiday pic

Holiday pic

Sunday, January 8, 2012

We're De-Christmastized...

Ah....yes... no more struggles with the tree and no more finding our stockings all over the house and no more worrying about the breakables being broken.  We only lost 1 green ball due to the constant tugging and pushing on the tree:)  The living area feels so empty now... but I am sure it will be filled with toys soon!!

I love having a tree and being all decorated and stuff.  But, boy, do I not like putting it all up and taking it all down.  Especially with 4 kids who think they know how to do it Franny has a great way of taking things down!!

Yup...Franny... boy do I love that kid.  But when she decides to wake up at 2AM and want to play for the next 3 hours, I really really really don't like her all that much!!  Her sleeping in the crib is not working out like I had planned.  But, I guess that's what you get from an unplanned kid, right??  One night she'll sleep in there for 9 hours straight and the next night she plays devils advocate and wakes up.  Usually I can get her to go back to sleep at least.  Yeah... not Friday night.  Nope.  She wanted to play and climb and roll.  I honestly didn't know what to do with her.  And last night was one of those nights where you get her to sleep, put her in the crib and she's up 10 minutes later.  So, you get her to sleep, put her in the crib and she's up 10 minutes later.  Etc etc etc.  Wonder what she has in store for me tonight.  She's been in her crib for about 30 minutes... Perhaps I should go pass out or something??  ha ha

DISHES... I really hate them.  I hate doing them, unloading them, drying them, washing them, plating them...everything about them.  Can't we all just eat right out of the pots/pans??  Wouldn't that be fun??  this is one argument that will never die in our house.  And I always end up doing the stupid dishes b/c I can't stand them in my sink and on my counter.  Hubby says he shouldn't have to do them b/c he works all day and I am home all day.  So, if they are still there at night (lately, this has become a habit but I am too exhausted to even think about doing them) guess who gets to do them??  On weekends, when I go to a job/work, he still doesn't do them.  So, how does that work??  I don't know...I thought we were supposed to be team when it came to the kids and the cleaning.  Especially if we are both working.  And, contrary to his belief, I work all day.  Not only do I have a 3 yr old and a 1 yr old, but I do watch a 7 mos old every day and 1-2 times a week, I have another 9 mos old.  On top of that, weekends are not days of rest.  Especially when you have 4 kids.  And, I work those days.  And when I'm gone, anything I would have done doesn't get done.  You know, like clean the bathroom, vacuum a room or two, DO THE F&#^@NG DISHES!!!

OK... I'm done ranting now.  I've got dishes to do!!  Catch you all next time I can find some ME time at night...

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