Holiday pic

Holiday pic

Friday, January 6, 2012

I LOVE 3!!

Three is such a little number but when you put that 3 on a little human being, it sure does pack a big PUNCH!! Since I'm enjoying my 3 yr old so much lately, I thought I'd share some of the things they do... you can commiserate with me or just laugh along as you remember the good old days!!

- Favorite word is NO
- Loves to stomp feet and cry at the drop of a hat
- Has learned that they don't like to share their toys/things but feel that everyone else's toys/things belong to them too
- Thinks that the entire world revolves around them
- Screams... a lot...  Words people..words..
- Blames the Monster or Ghost for everything
- Claims to be a police man outerspace person Power Ranger and Max isn't home
- Has started to lose hearing... you will get the 'What' every time you speak b/c the ears just don't hear your voice anymore
- Randomly drops to the floor in crowded places, kicking and screaming for apparently no reason what-so-ever but every one around you thinks you are murdering them even though you aren't even touching them
- Tells you, on a daily basis, that You are NOT his favorite
- Randomly takes off clothing and/or diapers and refuses to put them back on
- Wears pots and bowls on their head
- Thinks the 3 meals of the day include candy, chocolate and sugar and will insist, until blue in the face, that you must give it to them NOW
- Has learned how to hide things from you... like the entire bag of chocolates they just ate
- Has learned to blame things on little sisters and/or big bro/sis...(ie. Max, who told you that you could eat all that chocolate??... Franny said I could...Franny is 1 and can't speak)
- Everything must come in 3's... he needs 3 slices of fruit, 3 chips, 3 hugs and kisses, etc
- Thinks they know everything and will argue with you until you give up...
- Needs to hear everything you say to them 1,000 times per day (yes, that's per day b/c you will repeat the same stuff 1,000 more times tomorrow and the next day and the next day, etc)
- Thinks markers should be used on walls, paint on floors and stamps on little sisters
- While they've figured out glue is not for eating, they have also figured out that glue makes things stick to other things...and I'm not talking about paper here..

I'm sure there's more...just as I'm sure you are ALL laughing... Three is probably one of the toughest years I've had to deal with so far.  So, while I say "Bring on Four", I really mean "I can deal with it just don't grow too fast"

3 year olds are interesting, entertaining, vocal, funny (yes, sometimes I do laugh at the tantrums and shananigans), curious, energetic,etc. little beings and I cherish every weepy, crying, wailing of legs/arms, hugs and kisses!!

But, seriously, let's get over 3 and onto 4... PLEASE!!!!

Thanks...have a great night:)

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  1. He is unique in his own funny way... Gotta love Max..