Holiday pic

Holiday pic

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Crib Update...

Hmmmmm.... yeah.... not going as anticipated.  Super sleepy tired.  Now I know why sleeping with her on the couch has been the easy way out and has kept everyone else asleep all night.  She is relentless in waking up every few hours and now she knows she's going back to the crib... sooooooo... she just lays with you, her eyes slowly blinking up at you to make sure you're still there, and doesn't go back to sleep.  I know, what I've known all along, that we will have to just let her cry.  And cry she will... and let me tell you her cries are loud and very screech-like.  She is my toughest one yet.  Hubby wound up sleeping on the floor by her crib when he couldn't get her back in w/o crying.  ha ha... and so, we march forward with getting her on track... wish us luck in the new year:)


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