Holiday pic

Holiday pic

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Too much...again..

I know, I do too much crap, right??  Holidays are the toughest b/c I get most of my 'baking' orders.  And it's tough to get those done, even though it's really not alot, and do everything else I do.  But, I do it.  Why??  I don't know.  I love to bake and make people smile and enjoy something that I created and put together.  But, it's just so much work and so hard to get it done and try and take care of my own stuff.  My family gets whatever I make from the know, I double something I have to make or if I have something extra, that's what they get.  I didn't even make my spritz cookies this year...and I always make those.  Oh well.  Thank goodness hubby is OFF tomorrow and hopefully he will do as I say..ha ha.  Have 3 pies to make in the morning (have already made 4 cheesecakes) and a batch of rice pudding.  Perhaps I can throw in some chocolate chip or m&m cookies for my own kids??  Oh, and I have both babies tomorrow...and all of my kiddies will be around.  Should make for an interesting day.

Still have to clean the 'apartment' attached to our house for my mother and her hubby, shop for Christmas Eve and Christmas food, make Christmas Eve food, prep Christmas food, clean my own house, wrap ALL presents... doesn't sound like a long list but we all know that a lot of time goes into all of it.

With that said, I think I'm going to veg out and hopefully pass out.  Franny girl has a cold and is all stuffed up...thus making it difficult for her to sleep...yeah..gotta get that crib and her room cleaned out.  While I'm at it, going to clean out Kyra's room and take away everything except 7 outfits.  I'm tired of seeing her clothes, books, shoes, dolls, blankets, etc. all over the floor and under her bed.  I've showed her how to clean her room, how to fold her clothes, how the room should be but she doesn't get it.  Either that or I haven't been 'mean' enough about it.  gotta get tough.  I get the sense that she feels entitled to anything.  If she wants something, she feels as though she should get it.  Doesn't matter who's it is, she just believes that they will give it to her.  It's like she doesn't even think about the other person or about anyone but herself.  Must work on this... any suggestions??


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