Holiday pic

Holiday pic

Monday, December 19, 2011

Quick Post... Kinda back:)

Wow...what a couple of weeks it's been over here.  Nutcracker is over!!  Thought that would give us more time...but we still have after school crap almost every day and I still have Baby C every day.  Sooooooooo, it really didn't free up much time.  But, I did have this past saturday to catch up on some cleaning..whooo hoooo!!

The laptop I've been using is DEAD... Franny knocked it over and there is a wonderful screen of Black.  Boo. And our 'home' computer is not the fastest piece of machinery around.  I feel a little out of the loop this week.. and I can't make any of my words in that stupid Words with Friends b/c it freezes this computer.. Hopefully hubby will bring home another one to use...please:)

Oh, and Francesca is getting to be more and more daring... so, we waited until this past weekend to put up our tree and it is currently gated so she can't get to it.  The house is starting to look and feel like Christmas and it's a little bit cleaner.  Can't wait 'til next week when hubby is home and perhaps we can get some stuff accomplished???  Ha ha ha... yeah, b/c we won't have all 4 kids home wanting to do stuff, right??

Some pics of my beautiful, feisty Franny Wrecker:

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