Holiday pic

Holiday pic

Saturday, December 31, 2011


Barbies, I think, are like one of those toys that will be timeless.  They will always be in our future and I wonder what little girls did before Barbie and Ken and that little sister (what was her name Skipper or something), and the house/camper/corvette/etc.  I haven't played with them in a LONG time but today I had the pleasure of spending time with my 2 girls.  And we played Barbies., we all played with them differently.  Um, the 3 year old just kept tearing things apart and chewing on everything...the 8 year old took them in the other room, gave them baths, let them 'swim' and dried them off with my dish towels, and I kept trying to find clothes for them and try to put everything back on where it belongs.

Kyra has several 'naked' ones in her collection.  What is it with little girls and naked Barbies and dolls??  I do remember that my dolls never had clothes on and I used to draw on them with markers to try and make them look pretty.  What was I thinking way back when??  Do we all take off dolls clothing or am I just a freak with a scary freak-a-like daughter??  I can't even begin to figure out where all the clothes are... perhaps Franny ate them??  She seemed to enjoy gnawing on the camper today...

However you play with your Barbie's, I hope you have fun.  And if you don't take the time out the play with them, I'm sorry.  You should every now and again...I forgot what I was missing:)

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  1. Lover of all things Barbie here also! You go Girl!