Holiday pic

Holiday pic

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Photo gig... and lots of baking:)

Because I don't have enough to do around here, I thought I'd throw in a last minute photo gig and some holiday orders for baking.  Go on, laugh.  As Max says, Laugh Mommy, Laugh...and when you don't laugh he gets mad.  OK, now stop laughing.

Thursday night I went to a holiday party for a small company and took pictures for them.  The night was great and I got some really great shots.  The people at the party all seemed to be having a great time.  Though, I did not get a chance to eat while I was!!  Most of the time, the ones who hire you make sure you get a plate and stuff.  This was a buffet and you have to wait until everyone else goes (obviously) but by that time they are on to something else and you have to get back in there and keep shooting.  So, scarfed a cheeseburger from Wendy's on the way home and had the worst heartburn all the way home.  Got the pics edited over the weekend and shipped them to her yesterday.  Yes, she received them.  Yes, she has a problem.  Seems all the people look fat.  Yes, she says they all look fat in the pictures and is there anything that can be done??  Laugh away I tell you.  I'm thinking it must be her monitor, right??  It's gotta be...So, the next problem is how do I call her and tell her what to do??  I have no clue.  Perhaps tell her to try another computer, right??

Holiday baking- got some orders so I've got to organize all that.  In knowing that I have baking to do in which people will be buying the stuff, I decide to make something completely different.  Yup...something I don't even need.  But, alas, we had some very mushy bananas that needed to be used.  Found a recipe for Banana Oatmeal Choc Chip Muffins... YUM.  Recipe made TONS!!  Want some??

Today, Franny Girl has not yet taken a nap and seems to be on mega destruction overdrive in this house.  I'm tired.  My arms are getting a work out from taking her off the table several times.  Now, she starts to climb up from the chair and if Max says something to me and I look at her, she creeps back into the chair and gives me the look of 'What??  I'm not doing anything Ma' lots more things to know, like eat and stuff!!


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  1. I say you should tell the lady that her and her friends should lose some weight! Hahaha! :) Serves them right for not feeding you! ;)