Holiday pic

Holiday pic

Monday, April 2, 2012

You're CUT off!!

Franny, that ME... ha ha.  Yes, I finally did it.  I made the conscious effort to cut her off.  And, she is not a happy camper about it either.  I mean, I'm not either when the bartender cuts me off, so I can feel her pain, you know??

I think Franny would have kept it up as long as she could.  And, quite honestly, I kinda enjoyed the time we spent together and was glad I could give her that comfort, you know??  And, she is the last one I'll ever have so I guess I was just milking it too...No pun intended.  I've been working a lot of weekends and this past weekend, I did not really see her at all.  So, after 2 days of no booby milk (sorry, Max, we do not need to buy booby milk from ShopRite anymore), I guess it was the best time to not go back.  I know it was just for comfort...yes, for both of us.  I knew I could 'boob' her to sleep for naps and I would have my quiet time and she knew that when she needed comfort they were there for her.  But, alas, we can't go on forever.  And so, we bid farewell to each other and will have to come up with another means of comforting each other.  And, I will have to figure out how to get her to nap in her crib and not just pass out randomly around the house:)

And, so, I leave you with a few pics of the lovely Franny in her many sleeping 'areas' and I hope you all have a good night!!

And, yes, she really did sleep through her entire Christening...water on her head and everything!!

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