Holiday pic

Holiday pic

Monday, April 9, 2012

Do you Believe??

Easter was here...and so was the Easter Bunny.  Gosh, where did that old bunny come from anyway??

I don't know, but here are a few links in case you're interested (this isn't what this blog post is really about):

What I really want to ponder about is the belief system of the kids.  WOW... they really do believe that a Bunny Rabbit is capable of hiding all these eggs just so they can find them and enjoy a bit of candy.  They also believe that the eggs are magically hidden and the Easter Bunny will know when we are ready to hunt for them by making them appear suddenly in our back yard.  Hmmm...wouldn't it be nice to have that innocence again??  The same goes for Santa around here too.  It baffles me, intrigues me, and makes me happy that ALL of my children are still believers.  Yes, even the 9 year old still believes.  And I wonder, every time, if this is going to be the year that one of them stops believing.  They even believe that the Easter Bunny stopped down in North Carolina b/c he wasn't sure where we were going to be this

I, obviously, don't believe in the Easter bunny or Santa anymore.  But, I do believe in small miracles.  And I believe in keeping the illusion going for them as long as possible.  And I dread the day when DJ realizes that it's just his parents and/or grandparents who are preparing for the BIG day.  And so, I keep believing that they will keep believing:)

Our Easter was great...very laid back and relaxed.  We hosted my MIL along with my brother, his fiancee and my niece.  We had a ham that actually looked like a pig's head:
We had excellent side dishes...shrimp (my favorite) beforehand, and yummy desserts to follow.  And yes, we hid plastic eggs filled with candy for the kiddies to find:)

Some randomness before I give you more pics of our day:
- My boobs are sore...they are finally realizing that Franny has been cut off.  So, 10 days after initial cut-off day, I am sore...yuck:(
- Speaking of boobs and Franny- she finally realized she was cut off about a week after initial cut-off day and had a major meltdown in which I think the entire neighborhood heard her screaming b/c I wouldn't give in.  (that was the worst of it)
- Hubby has gotten so much better these past couple weeks (perhaps I should have written or at least told him about all the things he does sooner...).  Our communication has gotten better and we are working as a team these days...
- Ah, spring break...a glimpse into the future of summer break... got some thinking to do..
- Going to Chuckee Cheeses on a Monday morning at 10AM is the ideal time to go... you have the place to yourselves for at least 45 minutes and you will find random tickets in all the machines they just tested out...and someone will stop by to see how you're doing and give you more free tickets..

Here are some Easter pics...hope you had a blessed day!!


  1. Looks like y'all had a wonderful day.. Loved the girls dresses...

  2. Love the girls dresses! I can't wait to see them all again. Love you all. Cousin Karen

  3. Love the girls dresses! I can't wait to see them all again. Love you all. Cousin Karen

  4. Love the girls dresses! I can't wait to see them all again. Love you all. Cousin Karen