Holiday pic

Holiday pic

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A few funny things I forgot to mention about Easter..

Yes, we all went to church together this past Sunday.  Usually, one of us adults stays home with the two littles b/c they are not equipped with sitting still and listening yet...and our church does not have a nursery.

So, I chased Franny up and down the aisle (don't worry, we were off to the side...not the middle one).  She would stop all the way at the front and look up at Jesus and say 'Mama'.  She calls all the 'women' characters in her books the Mama and all the 'men' characters, she thought Jesus, with his long hair, looked like a Mama.

Franny also thought that it was okay to climb onto a bench, while people were at a standing up part, and crawl all the way to the middle so that she could enjoy someone else's juice and snack...yes, I was too slow to catch her.  Thankfully, I knew the mom and kids in that, thanks for your patience!!

Max, as we are sitting in the pew waiting for the service to start, asks 'Mom, when is God going to show up??'..'When will we see he almost here Mom??'.  Ah, gotta love the innocence!!

Oh, and yes, here is one last 'funny' that happened later in the day while all the kids were outside.  Max comes storming into the house b/c DJ tried to PEE on him.  Yes, you read correctly.  Max was trying to 'mark' his territory by peeing on a toy or something, so DJ thought he's pee on Max.  Seriously??  Is this normal for boys??  Hey, let's go have a pissing match outside..ok, let's go!!

Hope you are all having a great day:)

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  1. unfortunately it seems normal for boys...