Holiday pic

Holiday pic

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Franny takes a header...

Check out that nose...fell, head first, down our front steps.  Now, I should tell you these steps are concrete and have no railing.  I should also tell you Kyra was standing right next to her off in her own little world.

Usually, Kyra will hold her hand going down the steps so I can finish getting everything we need and get out the door.  Trying to get 4 kids out the door and onto an activity is somewhat of a challenge so I rely on the help from the big kids to get the little kids into the car.  Usually, not a problem.  Well, unless you get annoyed that the boys trudge through the muddy grass, step in every puddle and run around the car instead of getting in it a problem???

Ah well...accidents happen, right??  I think every kid has face planted themselves down these steps...and probably a few adults:)

Only bled for a little bit and now she just looks like Rudolph as the nose has gotten redder and more swollen.  She will live and perhaps Kyra will pay more attention to her??  ha ha...

This is not her first fall...nor will it be her last.  Of all my children, Franny will most likely cause me to run to the emergency room.  I have been pretty lucky with the other three on that department... twice with DJ (and one of them was b/c of a tick bite and not an accident) and once with Max.  None for Kyra at this point.  Uh oh, did I just jinx them???

Let me tell you about the last scary fall of Franny's.  I have been meaning to write this for awhile but just can't seem to fit everything into 24 hours a day..  We took a trip over to Pirate's Park...a park near here that has a big Pirate Ship for the kids to play on.  I walk Franny up the plank and further up to the top...little did I know there was a hole for sliding down a pole just on the other side of where the steps were... yup... she went through it and landed about 6 feet below.  Of course, that one put my heart into my throat like no other Franny fall has ever done.  Fortunately, she was fine.  Scared (me) and unscathed.  And Luckily, she didn't land on the nail that was sticking up just a few inches away...that would not have been good.
This is the pirate ship

This is where she fell

This was 5 minutes later..
In other is how my weekend was (you can hum the Flight of the Bumblebee while you read

Friday friday friday
Finish cookies Finish cake
Deliver cookies
Pick up kids
Snack time, change your clothes, let's go
Deliver DJ at his dance
Deliver sample cake for tasting
Grab a bite to eat
Religious retreat
Saturday Saturday Saturday
Gotta get to work
Drive down to Jerz
Please please fix my lens
Fill the tank Stop get milk
Clean Clean Clean the sink
Make dinner clean it up
Play with fondant Play with kids
Whew one kid in bed finally sitting down
Oh crap the TV's black... oh geez there goes the sound
Franny's passed out put them all to bed
Pitter patter of feet..really, it's just a little rain
Up again, Church is early and that beeping machine woke me up:(
CCD, make breakfast, pick up at CCD, make more breakfast
Carry a heavy TV and make hubby carry other one back (yup, I'm a weakling)
Go to work, grocery shopping in a downpour
Unload groceries, unload dishes, eat some grub
Make hubby clean the kitchen...fell asleep on the couch snuggled up with Franny
Went to bed at 2AM...who's that in my bed?? DJ afraid of the rain again... ear plugs ear plugs ear plugs!!!
Franny's awake and won't stay put..wanna sleep..brought her in with us:(
Monday Monday here we come, let's start all over again!!


  1. Poor Franny... I have a picture of you when you fell down a curb.. Nose all bruised also..

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