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Holiday pic

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Taking Care of Momma

When you join the ranks of Mommyhood, often times we start to put ourselves last.  At least, that's what I do for my kids and hubby.  But perhaps, we should all remember that we are humans too and sometimes we do come first.  Especially when your body is telling you to!!  If we aren't healthy and up to par, they will suffer.  Right??  So, best to be healthy and take care of you:)

When my kids are sick or don't feel well, I am the first one to see what happens and call the doctor.  I don't call for every little thing, but when they are sick and not getting better I call right away.  I am also the biggest nagger towards my hubby when he starts to complain about his aches/pains and troubles.  Call the doctor, I say.  And now, I think I need to follow my own advice.

I don't know what's wrong and there are several things that it could be...from a simple infection to things of greater significance.  I always say I don't have time to go to the doc.  And I really don't.  But, I need to make the time.  I haven't had a true physical since I started having babies (10 years ago).  I haven't been to a skin doctor in over 10 years to have my moles checked.  I haven't been to the Ob since Franny was born.  Hey, at least I keep my dental appts twice a year...  ok, not funny.  I know, I have a tendency to make jokes about pretty much everything b/c I like to keep it light.

So, I'm off to call the doctor and hopefully there will be an appointment that won't disrupt my kids after school schedule (ha ha ha ha ha) or my multitude of job schedules (again, ha ha ha ha).  Perhaps I should just go to Urgent Care...they're open late, right??  Do they have a Drive-Thru care??  Wouldn't that be convenient- drive to the window, yell out your symptoms and get your diagnosis without getting out of the car...

I will keep you posted...well, at least I will try and keep you posted... I know these posts are sometimes few and far between:)

Have a fabulous day!!

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