Holiday pic

Holiday pic

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Testing the boundaries..

You know, those things parents set up as a protective measure for our children as well as a means to control

We are currently in the throes of the 3 yr old constantly testing his boundaries and what he can/can't get away with.  I knew to expect his behavior...but I foolishly thought Max was a superior child and would not be led astray.  Go on...laugh.  Perhaps it's b/c he is a genius that he feels the need to push even harder than the 2 older kids??  Or not... and let's just say that I am soooooooo not looking forward to when Franny is 3 b/c she is already testing the limits on an every day basis!!

Kids are constantly testing you... perhaps they have an ulterior motive to make sure us 'parents' are really paying attention??  Or maybe they think that as we age our ability to notice what they are doing diminishes??  Who knows... but it's probably one of the hardest things to do as a parent, right??

So, not only is he testing his boundaries, (this is going back to Max) but he is going through this awful 'I missed you' stage.  Taking the garbage out to the curb will cause the same reaction as going to work all day and not seeing him at all.  I can go to the bathroom and he will tell me he missed me sooooo much.  He requires 3 hugs and 3 kisses every time I leave him.  Yes, cute and all... but it can really get on your nerves sometimes.  But, Max wouldn't be Max without it, you know??

Now, Max always knows the answer even when he is constantly asking you why.  And when his answer is totally wrong, guess what??  In his mind, he is 100% always RIGHT!!  Hmmmmmm.....wonder where he got this trait from??  ha ha    I also feel sorry for his future wife...perhaps we should sign him up for debate..  He would win hands down.

Max also has a lot of little 'quirks' about him that the older 2 definitely do not have.  I think he might be a little border OCD some days.  He can't stand to be wet (even though he loves to swim) and must change his clothes the second a drop of water hits them.  He has his little routines that he, he has to open the door to the building of his pre-school, run down the hall while I pretend to lose, and slides right in front of the door, followed by 3 hugs and 3 kisses.  Yup...every time.  AND, if someone opens the door for him, well we have to wait for it to close (and those doors close kinda slow) so that HE can open it himself.  When playing with his cars, he lines them up just so and gets so upset if Franny messes them up or even if one falls on the ground.  He goes through a ton of napkins during meals (just so you know, I have stock in the Bounty napkins) and none of his food can touch (he also can't use the same spoon for 2 different foods even though I make him).

But, there you have a 3 year old in his prime!!  And I know somedays he is frustrating, I really wouldn't change it for the world.  Now, if only I knew how to video tape his version of  I'm Sexy and I know it, and put it up here for you all to see (trust me, a good laugh would be had by all), I would. I am a some what of a technology idiot..

Here's hoping your day is better as you, too, trudge through this thing called parenthood!!


  1. sounds pretty normal to me :) We also have the spoon and food touching problem. Very exhausting but so much fun. 'sessy and I know it' is a favorite around here too. too funny! will he use a washcloth or cloth napkin instead of paper? I tried that with Zachary (he could be covered head to toe, but God forbid he has food on his fingers) but the cloth napkin was "all done" once it had food on it! Brace yourself for that adorable little Franny!!

  2. Max is a 'special' kind of kid and has a lot of love in his heart. Enjoy those annoying hugs and kisses cause they will fade when he goes into another stage in his life. Franny on the other hand is Dawn all rolled up in one little person. This too shall pass. Enjoy....