Holiday pic

Holiday pic

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Franny's Day... and evidently mine too:)

My kids always know when I have things to do, you know??  And today was no exception.  Franny is one smart cookie and she let herself shine today!!  Here is a brief overview of what she did today:

-crumbles her cupcake and throws it all over the floor

-dumps her eggs on the floor

-opens the container of wipes and evenly distributes them all over the house

-pulls the books off the shelves and throws them on the ground

-Pulls apart her cheese stick and throws all the pieces on the floor

-empties the block bin and runs right through them kicking them all over the place and when Max actually helps by cleaning them up, she does it all over again

-climbs into the block bin for Max to pull her around

-plays the empty and run through with the other blocks in a bag...yes, she can open zippered bags now

-plays in the toilet, thus getting her completely soaked along with the floor, toilet, toilet paper, rug, etc

-pulls my camera off the bed and drops it on some lifting weights breaking the lens protector thingy and perhaps more to the  lens itself  (ok, she did this the other day, but if feels like it was only today)

-manages to sneak upstairs when the gate is off only to play in that toilet with the toilet brush and carry it all
over upstairs dripping stuff every where (did I mention that nobody knows how to flush a toilet in this house??)
 -passes out in the car while on delivery run

-sits on Max while he is 'playing' in Baby C's carseat b/c she wants to be in there too

-upended my purse all over the floor

Hey- I had stuff to get done...and she is brutal!!  I only have a few pics b/c I just happened to have the camera around as I'm practicing with a diff. lens.  So, here they are..

Here's what I did today... well, I got it all done (my baking stuff, that is) on time except my kitchen looks like a bomb went off in it

 Finished, packaged and delivered 100 voleyball cookies:)

Filled, stacked, frosted, re-frosted, packaged and delivered.

See, Momma works!!  ha ha ha

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