Holiday pic

Holiday pic

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Crazy Days...

Dino cookies and snacks sent to the museum with boys!!
Sometimes, so much happens in my life that I really have a hard time putting it all down in this blog for you... which is why I don't write as often as I should.  There is so much that I don't know what to put and what not to put, you know.  I have a feeling that this blog is going to be all over the place...sorry and thanks for bearing with my verbal diarrhea (had to look up that spelling) of the mouth!!

OK...went to the doc last week to see what's going on with me.  That was a BLAST...yup, had all 4 kiddies with me.  I packed Franny in that stroller and the rest were free... yes, free to race their cars underneath the doctors cart (you know, the one they wheel into your room with a laptop on, how times have changed) and free to flop on the couches in the waiting room or just stand on them.  And yes, make a lot of noise while Mommy is trying to talk to the doc.  Good thing he has kids, right??  He must have thought mine were a bunch of maniacal heathens though...blood work finished and waiting for my follow up!!

Same night as doc visit, Kyra wakes up around 3ish puking her brains out.  And, yes, I think I've got hubby trained to get up for all middle of the night crazies... love the stomach bug!!

So, we wait and wait and wait to see who is the next victim.  No it seems... yeah, b/c that's possible with a family of 6, right??  Doug wakes up for DJ's b-day day (this is the 3rd time scheduled, so there was absolutely NO cancelling it this time around) with the runs...yeah!!  He takes some immodium and goes with it.
3 boys and him having to, um, go all day, wouldn't have been a fun one..

Max was up bright an early to say goodbye to them ( much for sleeping in a bit on a saturday) but managed to get him to snuggle and watch a little tv.  The rest of us headed off to church for Kyra's ceremony and first penance.  Church and Franny do not go with each other.  We were fine and she was ok before the actual service started b/c she could roam the church.  Let me tell you, she wanted nothing to do with reading books, playing with toys, eating, anything but running up to the front of the church.  And, yes, every parent was laughing in their heads (I know they were) and thankful that they were not me at that moment.  Towards the end of the service, I picked her up by her hand and she decided to throw herself downward at the same moment.  Um...yeah...something popped and it wasn't me... turns out her elbow popped out of joint.  Go Me...I'm running for Mom of the Year... She was crying, I was was not a pretty sight.  And of course, while we are in that doctor visit, Max falls off the chair and knocks over the garbage can.  Can it get any better than that???  Nope...don't think so.

Franny is fine...doc rotated it back into it's socket and we went on our 'merry' way!!  Rush home to get ready for babysitter.  Babysitter for Franny that is.  You see...she's so crazy that I really do have to pay someone to watch her:)  The other 2 were dropped off at a friends house b/c hubby was still in the city with the boys and I had a bday party to do at one of my many jobs.

Now, remember the runs from the morning??  Hubby's??  Yeah... let's go ahead and start to put 2 and 2 together b/c while I was doing the puppet show for this party, I start to feel like I'm gonna be sick at any moment.  Seriously??  Is it really this stupid virus that Kyra had 3 days ago??  Looks like it could be... I did all I could do to stay with it but all I kept thinking about, as I'm applying tattoos to these kids is I gotta get out of here.. Thank goodness my 'assistant' for the party was another adult and not a teenager and I was able to leave.  I can't even imagine staying.  But now, I feel absolutely horrible that I have 'let the virus out' so to speak.  My kids were everywhere and kids were with hubby and I was doing a kids bday party and a babysitter was at my house... But, I guess, this is how viruses spread...right??  You are unknowingly passing around these germs and don't realize it until it's too late.  The rest of us went pretty fast and all together.  Saturday night hubby and I were both 'dying' on the couch and I was coaching DJ on how to open a can of ravioli and nuke it b/c neither one of us could get up and feed them... Max was hit early Sunday morning (runs only), Franny just kinda blew through it I think with some nice large diapers, and DJ was hit this morning.  And so, I'm sorry to all who came into contact with us... but, I did lose 4 more pounds with this one (probably b/c I haven't been feeling particularly well to begin with...this just added to the dropping

Yesterday (Sunday)...still not feeling 100%, guess what I did??  You'll never guess...ok...I went shopping for new clothes.  Yes I did...had to.  I had a coupon that was expiring and I really needed some new clothes to show off my slimmer side...virus was gone from me so I didn't infect anyone else...but I still felt like crap trying on clothes...thankfully I had Kyra with me who told me everything she liked and didn't like:)

I think that's about all I have in me to write.  I'm sure I could go into more depth on some things.  I am hoping hubby will send me the few pics he took from Saturday so I can write about that...or maybe I'll have him guest blog about his day at a museum with 3 boys???  And include his pics??  Wouldn't that be an interesting read??

Here are some lovely pics to entertain you... Kyra's 'sick' day along with some at the doc office:)  Enjoy!!
DJ playing nicely while the other 2 race cars all over the doc room.

Red nose, chocolate face and a lovely scream that says 'get me out of my stroller'

tearing the place apart while Kyra rests on the floor

thinking he's cute

Franny hanging around... before her elbow was pulled out of joint... don't think I'll let her do this anytime soon..

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