Holiday pic

Holiday pic

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Scoop on Poop... and other things:)

Firstly, I just want to say thank you to all of your support on the whole DJ situation.  It makes me feel all warm inside knowing that you are all out there and behind me as a Mom trying to figure out her son!!

Now, on top of this whole motherhood crap that we all go through, I wanted to update you all on my own doctor's visit.  I know I went a couple of weeks ago but haven't written about the 'results'... I have these symptoms that could range from Irritable Bowel to the big C word...yes, the symptoms are similar and the internet has way too much information... but, alas, the doc thinks it's merely a case of Irritable Bowel.  Yup, that's me...always on the run to the Pooper!!  Especially when I enter stores (usually shop-rite or walmart... that's really fun when you've got the kiddies with  you) or on long car rides or at the bus stop!!  Always when a bathroom is never close do I have to go.  Mind over matter??  who knows??   I've got a friend out there in Facebook Land who occasionally wants to hear about your most embarrassing Poop Stories... and I could probably fill a book with them.  I hate it!!

I also have another friend who told me that Irritable Bowel is what they diagnose you with when they don't know what's wrong.  But, again, who knows, right??  My brother told me to stop drinking coffee and drink herbal green tea... um... yeah, I don't think I'm ready to give up coffee.  And besides, I barely make it all the way through my 1 cup in the morning...I'm lucky to drink half of it hot and the other half pretty much sits on my counter until it's lucky enough to have a sip taken out of it:)

There is definitely something in my lower back that pains me to the point of not being able to walk.  Doc thinks it's a deposit of some sort and says when it bothers me to rest (ha ha ha ha ha ha ha), heat it and gentle massage.  Also said to strengthen my Abs but didn't tell me how to.  And when I did some ab exercises, it pretty much made me useless to doing anything a Mom should be able to do (you know, like pick up your child or get up off the couch to get them a drink, etc).  So, that's a fun thing to have.  This is a pain I also had when I was prego... but, I'm definitely not that and it's here with a vengeance.  I'm thinking that there is some kind of deposit on my nerve and when things are expanded in my body, it hurts.  So, when that monthly bloating thing comes around or when the intestines are full and ready to be emptied, the pain comes back.  But, who am I??  So, again, who knows what it really is.

One definitive outcome of this doc visit was my apparent deficiency of Vitamin D.  Yeah...something the doc could actually diagnose b/c of a blood test!!   So, now I take vitamin D every night.  Wonder if this vitamin is the reason my nails are all grown and long and haven't broken yet??

And than, among kids zooming cars underneath his laptop holder thingy on wheels, he feels the need to ask me if I'm stressed.   Um, yeah, no, not at all.  NOT!!  So, he thinks he can get most of my symptoms to stop by giving me some drugs.  Haven't started them yet... but apparently they can also help me stop smoking???  I'm one of those people who will fill those prescriptions but never take them...yeah, I know, bad me.

And so, the conclusion to this doc experience:  I will stop running to the bathroom and my back should stop hurting if I do the following:
1. Strengthen my abs (with exercise that makes it worse)
2. Take some drugs to calm me down I think I know why I hate going to the doctor these days.

In other news... had a GREAT weekend seeing friends, old and new, and even got to march in a parade with my daughter:)

Hope you all had a good one and celebrated the veterans and current troops who fight for our country!!



  2. Have you looked into "leaky gut syndrome?" If you've never heard of it, I can always give you pages/sites to refer to. To give you a quick overview, here's a link to a pretty decent description of it/what it does/how it's caused. As for the Vitamin D - join the club! I take 4,000 units a day and probably should take more. At least w/it being nice out now, we can get more Vitamin D just by being out in the sun, which is always a nice thing to be doing :-) Oh, and if it wasn't suggested by your doctor, take an acidophilus supplement daily. That helps replenish the "flaura and fawna" (good bacteria) in your gut every day. It certainly helps me now and helped me in the past when I'd go through something very similar to IBS. I hope you're able to get some relief soon.