Holiday pic

Holiday pic

Sunday, May 13, 2012

A Blessed and Beautiful Day..

Saturday was my daughter's First Holy Communion.  What a beautiful day we had!!  Gorgeous weather, wonderful church ceremony and great company to celebrate!!

Kyra looked absolutely beautiful and all grown up.  She had a 'speaking' part in the ceremonies and she surprised us all by speaking loud and clearly for everyone to hear... she is my shy little girl and yet she blossomed up there!!

Let me back up a bit and talk about the days/night leading up to this day... for those hours were not so -

Spent a lot of late nights trying to make her desserts b/c I was determined to make her a beautiful display just for her.  Also went through her 8 years of life in pictures to print and place in an album...that was oh so much fun...  To top off the week of not a lot of sleep, our smoke alarm decided to go off at 2:04AM the morning of the communion.  Now, I had just gone to bed and was oh so close to actual sleep... but.... alas.... that was not to happen yet.  Woke hubby up too:(  Probably went off about 4 times...each time freaking us out.  Hubby was all over the house trying to figure out what set it off and couldn't find anything.  In between beeps, a neighbor called my cell phone.  Yeah, that freaked both of us out b/c we thought maybe they see something we don't see??  So, at 2:30 in the AM we are outside in the backyard trying to see if there's smoke coming from anywhere.  Freaky...don't know what set it off but it did stop after our expedition outside!!

And so, we woke up a bit later than anticipated and were, of course, running late.  I have to say, though, DJ was actually helpful in the morning.  He helped with Franny, did what I asked him to do, helped Max get dressed, etc.  Crazy...  And, Kyra was extremely helpful the few nights before.  She washed dishes for me, helped make the cookies, and basically anything that I would let her do.  I was pleasantly surprised by her this week.  Now, if she can continue on that path without the ending being a party for HER, than we may be on to something

Made it to the church on time and had a Franny watcher on duty:)  So, I was able to take pics and hubby was able to sit with the boys and his parents in the pew.

Food was great (had too much as always...some people didn't show, cancelled last minute, or left before food was even, we can have lots of leftovers this, weather was perfect and kids had fun.  Even had a 'Decorate a Cross' area for the kids.  They really enjoyed that.  AND, I even found some religious tattoos at the $

Passed out last night around 10... think I slept more hours last night than all week combined.  I think I also ate more in the past 2 days than all week combined too:)

Hope you all had a great weekend and a Happy Mother's Day to all the Mom's out there!!


  1. Wish we could have stayed longer..that sub looked SO good! The day was beautiful!

  2. That last picture of everyone being goofy is AWESOME. You should plan to recreate it on her wedding day!