Holiday pic

Holiday pic

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Dear Anonymous...

Thank you for responding to my post!!  Both of you:)

I do feel like everyone is entitled to their own opinions in life and I know that I am probably the most vocal about my own.  Though, I almost feel like I need to defend myself here from the Anonymous 1.  I do spend time with Kyra on a one to one basis.  Is it as much as I want??  No.  But I do what I can and when I can.  I feel like she is expressing her needs to be with her friends more than her family right I'm sure all kids do at some point or another.  It is extremely hard to find one on one time with all of my children.  And, perhaps you'll say that 4 kids is too many.  But, I am blessed by each of them and challenged in different ways by all of them!!  Taking care of them, this house, my husband AND working too much is a very difficult place to be.  But I do thank you for reading and sharing your opinion!!

And to the rest of the 'comment' leavers...thanks!!  I also appreciate your support in who I am and how I manage.  I did a photo job on Sunday and the grandfather of the little girl was astounded that I did everything I did and with very little 'help' from relatives.  He is in awe of his daughter, who has 3, and all she does...but he doesn't think she could do it all without the help of his wife.'s hard.  And of course it would be nice to have my whole family around...God I could use about 5 extra sets of hands this week... but we deal with what we have, do the best that we can, and keep on moving:)

I hope you all have a Great day!!  I have some crazy days ahead of me as I prepare for this communion party.  I think I may have bit off more than I can chew...but, whatever happens and however it turns out, I will pick up my glass of wine (or spiked strawberry lemonade) and enjoy the day!  Because we will be celebrating my daughters First Holy Communion along with our friends and family...and that's what's important.

Though, I just want to say, you might want to wear your waders in my yard...if it keeps raining I fear our grass will remain at 'meadow' status:(  ha ha ha



  1. Don't worry about the people who are negative. They obviously don't have many (any?) kids. As a mom of 4, myself, I bet there are people looking at me with advice of "how to do it better." Do what you've been doing (your best) and don't worry about people who have no clue what they're talking about. By the way, didn't she notice you were on a retreat or whatever with your daughter? I can't remember the last time I had only one of my kids with me for more than 5 minutes! Ha! So you're doing better than I am!

  2. Yes Laura she does a really great job with the children, I am her mom and I live 600 mles away from her. Everything that she does or plans is mostly with out those extra hands. I do help when I visit her and tryto keep the kids so she can have some alone time. On a happy note I cannot wait to see my gran children and to see how much they have grown. I haven't seen them since January and miss them terribly. Dawn, I know how strong you are and will see you some time Friday.. Love u

  3. I know I could never do it... But I do know this if anyone can, you can! Dawn your one of the most amazingly talented and loving people I know. Love from Arizona!