Holiday pic

Holiday pic

Thursday, March 29, 2012

All About Hubby...

OK, so I know that I can tend to complain a bit about my husband on here.  And, I just wanted to let you all know about the good stuff he does do around here:)  I know some people see him and judge him for some of the things he does or doesn't do and I need to set the record straight!!

He really is a great person and he loves his children unconditionally.  He is such a great dad to them and yes, he is a good husband (well, most of the time...and when he's not he brings me wine so I guess it's

So, here are the things that I love about him (in no particular order)

- He lets me sleep in on weekends when there is nothing to do
- He does finally admit to things after you tell him over and over and he says, YOUR RIGHT..
- He will go into work later on a few days a week so that I can sleep an extra 20 minutes while he feeds the big kids AND makes their lunches
- He will take all 4 kids to the grocery story, hunting store, Walmart, wherever I tell him to go, etc. on weekends while I'm working
- If I leave a list, everything on it will get done  (I usually get annoyed when I forget to leave this list and he doesn't do, leave a list and all will be well)
- He will bathe the filthy rugrats when I ask him to
- He is now getting up with Franny EVERY night when she wakes up...yes, he finally got it that if I get her she will be relentless with me to give her a boob.  Basically, she's scratch and claw at me until she gets it and it's not fun so I have always just given in...she's relentles.  And, let me tell you she probably only sleeps through the night about 2x a week...maybe
- He will read with DJ at night when I don't have the extra time
- He will sleep in Kyra's bed with her on her birthday b/c that's what they do:)
- He mows the lawn:)  And, he will sometimes do this with all 4 kids outside while I'm working
- He snow plows our driveway...even though it's got to stop snowing before he'll do it, at least he does it
- He will wrestle and tickle all 4 kids at the same time
- He will play video games with DJ but also take him outside to practice baseball
- He is pretty much ALWAYS the designated driver!!
- Every now and than, he surprises you ... like, he will fold a basket of clothes that has been sitting for about a week, or he will actually do the dishes without that note (or, if he doesn't do them at night, he will do them while I'm still sleeping in the morning)
- He will make me a sandwich and/or breakfast on weekends when I go into work
- He will take all 4 kids to a party and take really good care of them... even though he may forget the diaper bag or
- He puts up with my dorkiness...
- He goes sledding, ice-skating and any other cold sports with them
- He will push them on swings in the park
- He gave them to me:)
- He will sleep in a tent with them while I'm all cozy inside:)
- He will go in pools with them so that I don't have to put on a bathing suit!!
- He's my #1 taste tester and is always honest about it..

Perhaps I should stop here...I think he reads these posts and he might get a big head:)  ha ha ha

So, he's not perfect all the time.  But, who is??  OK, besides ME, who is??  Seriously, nobody is.  And, if he is making sure homework gets done and bedtimes are followed at night when I'm not here, than who cares if the dishes aren't done?  I know, usually me.  But, perhaps I should just let it go.  I am a lucky lady to have him around.  Right??

When I get annoyed at him and say something in here, please know that I also realize how lucky I am to have him.


  1. Love this & you have me tearing up at work..THANKS! -Sue Cook

  2. glad you finally realized

  3. any man that wears bunny ears in a picture has to be a keeper ;)