Holiday pic

Holiday pic

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A Day in the Life...of Franny (in pics)

Or perhaps you might call her Satan's Spawn... but than I would be married to the Devil

Today was a doozy of a day and I'm really glad it's over.  She is one tough cookie and a very destructive one.  Most of these pics are from today... but I will add some past pics that I've missed today.  Enjoy!!

And that was the last pic I took of the day... YES- that is Max coming out of the bathroom at the gymnastics place with his pants around his ankles...and Franny was passed out.  Couldn't have planned the picture any better. She finally fell asleep today at 4:00pm just as we pulled into the parking lot of gymnastics.  Only slept for like 30 minutes:(

Things NOT pictured
-Breakfast all over the floor
-Hugging Max when he came home from school...that was really cute:)
-The laundry basket pulled off the couch with all my newly folded clothes all over the floor.  Anyone else who struggles with getting laundry actually folded and put into a basket knows my pain
-The entire contents of the desk drawer all over the floor in our computer room
-The climb into DJ's bed (he's on the top bunk)
-Her crying at my feet every other minute to pick her up or give her milk
-Me throwing her in the pack and play to cry while I took a much needed break
-The arts/crafts supplies she can now reach (see pic above of her in the chair on top of the bin) all over the floor
-The entire contents of everyone's bins all over the front hallway
-Finally passed out at 9:30 on daddy's lap...whew...

Need I continue??  It's been one of those days!!  Thankfully the pounding headache is gone though:)

Hope you all had a much more productive day than I!!


  1. I am sorry.. I wished her upon you but just look at it this way.. Never a dull moment:)

  2. Maybe it's the milk she's drinking. Could it have too much wine in it? Ha, Ha.

    Anyway, good luck and happy sleeping.