Holiday pic

Holiday pic

Monday, March 12, 2012

My motley crew

It was so beautiful out today I decided to walk to the bus stop this is my crew on the way home:)

Franny fell head first off the couch trying to reach for something and also fell off a little plastic table on the deck while trying to reach the door handle.  Not bad for 1 day...

Max has been in his Super Hero underwear since Sunday...and his matching undershirts.. Green Lantern is on above:)  Go Max!!  He likes to pee outside... and yes, he did it in the sandbox with those boots on and his pants all the way down at his ankles... it was quite a sight.  don't worry, the sand was discarded..

Kyra has been wearing these plastic gray glasses...not sure why she feels the need to pretend to wear glasses these days.  I can already guess she will really need them in a few years and will probably NOT wear them or want to when she has to.. But she sure does look cute...

DJ- started a scheduled 'after school' list for him today.  We strayed at times but otherwise kept to it.  Let's hope this keeps him on track with homework and getting other things done.... who knows but I've gotta try something, right??


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