Holiday pic

Holiday pic

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Locked Out

Ok...before I wasn't me.  At least not this time:)  And I also have to say, that sometimes I relish in the fact that there are others out there that do stupid things and it wasn't that so wrong???

So, I worked Thursday night at the library and it's nice a quiet.  Got ALOT of books to put away b/c the day person was not in.  Love it...lots to do and fill my time!!  In walks a woman and her 2 kids to 'hang out' for awhile.  Why, you ask??  Well, turns out she locked herself out of her house.  No keys, no wallet, no nothing!! I don't think she even knew how she got locked out b/c she doesn't remember locking the door.  Typical Mommy Moment right there!!

While she's sitting there, her little one decides to take books off shelves and 're-shelve' them, please don't:)  The bigger kid is trying to do his homework.  And the Mom is constantly calling the husband but he's not answering his phone.  Unfortunately, he is over an hour away too:(  When she finally gets in touch with him, he tells her he's not coming home that night.  Ummmmm, excuse me??  When was that decided and she's locked out of the house with nothing and he's not coming home.  Geez...I think I would have had some choice words for my hubby at that moment, you know??

I kinda felt bad, but at the same time thinking how great it isn't me.  I also kept thinking, doesn't she have any neighbors or friends she could call??  Perhaps I am really lucky to know that my neighbors and friends (some of whom are both) would be there lickety split for me.  Yup, I just used lickety split... ha ha...

I'm not sure what happened in the end as I had to leave.  I had somewhere very important to be... GIRLS NIGHT!!  I believe her BIL was going to get the house unlocked for her later in the evening.

Now, speaking of being locked out...let me share my story of getting myself locked out of the house while DJ and Kyra were 'playing' in the bathroom (I believe they were 3 and 2 yrs old..maybe a little  younger):

Before we changed out basement door, there was a cheap plywood door with a sliding lock on it.  The lock, for some unknown reason, was located underneath the door handle.  And, I kept a bag with recyclables on the handle.  Oh, and I should mention that my washing machine is in the bathroom on the first floor and my dryer is located in the basement.  So, I was in the middle switching the laundry and DJ/Kyra were in the bathroom with me washing something in the sink...perhaps a Barbie or some cars or something.  I left them there and went to bring the wet clothes into the basement to the dryer...shutting the basement door behind me.  Went back up the stairs and Guess What???  The door wouldn't open...yup, the lock somehow got pushed closed and I couldn't get it open.  OK...think think think... went outside (I could get outside through the garage from the basement) and started knocking on the window to the bathroom.  I heard water running and lots and lots of laughter.  Though, I know that laughter can become crying in a matter of moments so I was kinda frantic to get back in.  Ever vigilant that I am in locking the doors, the back and front doors were both locked up tight.  And DJ/Kyra were having too much fun at this point to hear me, let alone realize I was 'missing'..  Started to freak just a little bit imagining a head crashing into the slink/toilet/floor b/c the floor is filling up with water and they are slipping all over the place and I'm not going to get into the house to save them!!  Yup, that's what goes on in my brain.  Went back into the basement and called hubby...we still had an old rotary phone hooked up down there.  Um, yeah, let's just say men are useless!!  He didn't see the big deal in the situation and suggested I calm down.  So, I did the only rational thing I could think of and hung up on him.. Than I decided to see if I could get a ladder to an upstairs window.  Um, yeah, I think I would have broken my neck and those windows were surely locked too.  so, that option was out.   Scoured the basement, while sweating bullets, trying to think of how I can get back into the house before anything happened.  Aha!!  A box cutter... that should do the trick.  I'm a regular MacGyver here, you know??  Yup, I used a stupid box cutter to cut a hole in our cheap-ass door so that I could reach through and unlock it. worked.  The bathroom was a mess but no casualties!!  Whew:)

And there was another time where the whole family got locked into Kyra's room (before Max was born)...but I'll save that for another time..

Do you have a 'locked' out scenario??  I'd love to hear about it!!

Here are some old pics of DJ/Kyra having fun together:)  Enjoy!!


  1. love the pic of DJ in the dress! LOL

    1. That was my shirt... him and Kyra used to wear all my clothes...including those undergarment thingy's too:)

  2. Love the old pictures..