Holiday pic

Holiday pic

Sunday, March 4, 2012


Where does all that TIME go these days??  I think I must miss some of it??  Either that or I just don't have any left in the sand bottle at the end of the day anymore!!
Yup... I found a sand clock that looks like a wine glass...
Some days I feel like Dorothy in the tower as her sand is running out and I hear the music:  doo do doo do doo do.... I'll get you my pretty!!!  And, instead of her (time) getting my little dog, she's gonna get my 4 kids, hubby, laundry, dishes, school crap, homework, dance, PTA, work, dinner, coffee (no, please not my coffee... well, actually, she can take the coffee as long as she leaves my wine alone), etc.

I think you get the picture, right??  So, while this weekend has come and gone, I have yet to tell you how I managed to get hubby and I OUT on a Friday night.  Friday nights are one of our more hectic nights, you see.  And, Friday night was also a Surprise B-day Bash for my BIL about 45 minutes away...AND...we had to be there before 7.  Well, I hired 2 different people and begged some time out of a relative to complete the night!!  Yes, 3 different people to herd our broad until we could get back home!!  But, we did it and I am glad hubby was able to be there for his bro!!

Because of our night out, though, my time was taken way too fast and I had to play catch up.  Got most of my cookie stuff done for Girls Poker Night the next night, but had to finish them when we got home Friday night.  So, I let TIME take my sleep that night...but the cookies came out Awesome, I think:)

Worked the library and a birthday party on Saturday before heading over to my girlfriends b-day bash where we had some eye candy, drank some frothy beverages, ate some delish bites, played a bit of poker, and YES, sang some karoake (I'm so sorry to all those in the room...I just can't help myself with the's a disease).  So, once again, TIME took some more sleep away from me.  But, let me tell you, it was Totally worth it!!  It feels so great to be in a room full of women who go through the ins and outs of rearing kids and hubbies (yes, I just said rearing).  It's just a great feeling to be able to talk and laugh and just have a totally RAD time (yeah, I know you like the word RAD...).

Worked Sunday followed by some grocery shopping.  Now, here's where I get a little pissed at hubby.  You see, I had been gone pretty much all weekend... get home after 7pm on Sunday to a messy playroom, messy living room, sink full of dishes, no laundry even thought about and no, he Honey- can I help you out while you make US dinner??  Yup...just a little pissed that night.  And, in his little brain, he thought he didn't do anything wrong.  But, the next day, he did realize he did something...just didn't know what it was... and stopped for a bottle of wine for me... (yes, I'm all about wine... screw the flowers and chocolates...just bring the wine..)

Fast forward to now... too many other things... I fear I might put you all to sleep.  Here's to you all kicking Time's ass more often then ( I know this is prob. the wrong then/than...I can never get it right so I apologive to the person this pisses off...sorry) she kicks yours!!

Have a great night and here are a few more pics as a parting gift for making it to the end of this entry!!
Frothy Beverage

Poker Baby...

Green Eggs and Ham...

Kyra at her Girl Scout World Thinking Day...

Yes, I am a Girl Scout and Proud of it!!!

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